100 Free Akoha kits for Inquisitr readers

Social gaming startup Akoha is presenting at TechCrunch50 tomorrow, and we’ve got 100 free Akoha starter kits for Inquisitr readers.

The company has asked that I don’t post any information about what Akoha is prior to their TechCrunch50 presentation, which is fine by me, because I have no idea what they do either :-)

From what I can gather from their website, they are offering some sort of social gaming platform, which may or may not involve software (hence the kits), and there may be some community good from the offering.

Visit this link and enter your details for the free kit. I don’t have confirmation that they’ll post kits outside of the United States, but they had a drop down of Australian states, so take it as a 80% chance that they will. First in, best dressed, and we only have 100…well actually 99 invites, I used the first one :-) Note also that the link will not work after they present at the conference, so you’ll need to be quick.