Woman arrested for child abuse after son, Alexander Draper, reaches 555lbs

Alexander Draper, a 14 year old from South Carolina, is in foster care after his mother, Jerri Gray, was arrested for child endangerment – for letting him get so big that his life may be in danger.

Gray was arrested back in June for child abuse and her son was put in a foster home. Gray’s Lawyers are arguing that at 14 years old, 555 pound Alexander got so big because she worked night shifts and it was nearly impossible to provide him with nutritious meals. They are also saying that Alexander procured large quantities of unhealthy food at school and that school cafeteria staff and other students were enabling his eating disorder.

A 14 year old does not reach over 500lbs without a parent trying to get some help for the child long before his weight becomes that much of a problem.

Gray was recently freed from jail on $50,000 bail and has yet to have her arguments heard by a judge.