Wolf-dog steals infant baby from crib, nearly kills him

In another display of the sheer, horrific, mindless stupidity of some people, a wolf/husky pet dog took a 4 day old infant out of his crib, dragged the child some 200 yards away and nearly killed him while the parents weren’t looking.

4 day old Alexander James Smith suffered a fractured skull, several broken ribs, collapsed lungs and lacerations. Doctors were able to save the child’s life but barely – they had to use a defribulator on him to jump-start his little heart during surgery.

The child’s mother, Chrissy Smith, put the child in his crib for a nap and left the room. Sometime after that, the dog, a mixed breed wolf/husky, came into the room and took the child out of the crib and dragged him outside. Later when the mother returned to check on the baby, he was nowhere to be found! She frantically searched for little Alexander and noticed the dog was gone as well.

It wasn’t until after about 10 minutes of searching that the baby’s dad saw the dog in a neighboring yard about 200 yards away playing with something in the tall grass that they discovered what had happened to the baby.

Doctors expect little Alexander to live, but he will undoubtedly have injuries that could have an adverse effect on him for life.

Let this be a reminder to all parents: Never, ever, have pets of any kind around a small baby unless they’re closely supervised.

We hope little Alexander comes out of this tragedy stronger than ever.