What Happened To Nicole Mittendorff? VA Woman Missing Nearly A Week

Authorities in Virginia are looking for Nicole Mittendorff, who has been missing now for almost a week. The Woodbridge woman was last heard from around April 13 but hasn’t been seen since. To make matters worse in this developing case, her vehicle has been found abandoned, leading to high anxiety in the search for the missing woman. WTVR News reports that a prayer vigil has been held in honor of Nicole while the search for her continues.

There are also new developments in the search for the missing Virginia woman. Nicole Mittendorff’s husband has made a plea to the public, asking for help locating her. Fox News 5 has shared the emotional video of her husband begging for her to come home.

Nicole Mittendorff’s disappearance sparked immediate concern with her co-workers when she did not show up for work last Friday morning. She is described as an extremely dedicated firefighter, and she never misses work. At the time of her disappearance, her cream-colored 2009 Mini Cooper was also missing. However, it has since been located, abandoned. This has added another element of concern in the search for Nicole.

Like many high-profile disappearances, social media has taken a large amount of interest in the case of missing woman Nicole Mittendorff. With this social media attention comes a lot of new information, including tips from the official Facebook page associated with the search for Mittendorff. The Find Nicole page has attracted more than 11,000 people who are interested in this case.

There is also a lot of speculation on social media about what may have happened to Nicole Mittendorff. Meanwhile, authorities investigating this case have reportedly expressed that they don’t need volunteers searching. This comes after the discovery of her abandoned vehicle. Some of the speculation appears to be in the direction of the missing woman’s husband. However, authorities investigating her disappearance have acknowledged that they do not suspect foul play in her disappearance. This revelation has perplexed some social media users, who think the publicized details add up suspiciously. What could have possibly happened to this missing woman?

Meanwhile, popular missing persons forums are lighting up with various ideas while archiving all of the published facts in this case. There are shared fears that Nicole may have gotten lost while training for a triathlon. Her car was located in a rather remote location, and she has not had any contact with her loved ones in approximately six days since she was last seen.

Nicole Mittendorff is 31-years-old, standing at five-foot-six and weighing approximately 125 pounds. She has long blonde hair and green eyes. The Virginia State Police are asking anyone with information to come forward by calling (703) 803-0026. Any information may prove useful in locating this missing woman or at least finding evidence behind what may have happened to her.

[Image via Find Nicole Facebook page]