Malaysian Schools Hit With ‘Mass Hysteria’ Or Evil Spirits? Teachers And Students In Fear After Being Possessed

Malaysian Schools are experiencing strange phenomena, as kids are being sent home from school for apparently being “possessed.” Were the Malaysian schools hit with “mass hysteria” or evil spirits?

What is mass hysteria? Mass hysteria is a transmission of threats or delusions within a group of people, whether real or unreal. Unexplained Mysteries reports that 21 female students from one Malaysian school were sent home after they were alleged to be “possessed.”

Another Malaysian school sent five students home after apparently being troubled by a “Pontianak,” a female vampire ghost. A teacher was even sent home for claiming to be pinned down by some kind of unseen force while trying to help a child who was claiming to be seeing a demon.

Malaysian Schools hit with mass hysteria or a Pontianak
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Religious practitioners and Shamans were sent to the Malaysian schools to cleanse it of evil spirits. However, Wiru Sankala, a local medicine expert, believes that the Malaysian schools are simply experiencing a mass hysteria rather than evil spirits. This mass hysteria is thought to be a result of the major heat wave hitting the area.

Siti Hawa Mat, the principle for the Malaysian school in Kota Bharu, spoke to the press about the crazy phenomenon, the Asia One reports.

“We had to close the school today. To date, we have more than eight ustaz and bomoh to help us chase away spirits that are said to be in the school compound.”

Norlelawati Ramli, 32, the physical education teacher who claimed to be pinned down while helping a student who was seeing a demon, said she saw a “black spectre.”

“I could not move as if I had been glued to the floor. And the next thing that shocked me was the glimpse of the black spectre. Luckily, I was revived by another teacher.”

After many prayers and a cleanse of the Malaysian schools by Islamic traditional experts, religious practitioners, and even witch doctors, the schools have since re-opened and are seeming to be back to normal.

How did this strange “mass hysteria” phenomenon at multiple Malaysian school’s begin?

According to BBC News, it all began when a small group of students were claiming to have seen a black figure lurking around their school. Eventually, many more students and even teachers started to see the black figure. Overall, at least 100 people, mostly students were affected by this “mass hysteria.”

Astro Awani, a teacher at one Malaysian school said that she could feel a “heavy presence” near her. Another teacher even claimed the black figure was trying to take over her body.

Sinar Harian, a student, mentioned that his hands went numb and his “mind was all over the place.”

A senior school staff member also spoke with BBC.

“Our students were possessed and disturbed by these spirits. We are not sure why it happened. We don’t know what it is that affected us. But the place is a bit old, and these children can be disobedient and sometimes throw their rubbish around the school grounds. Perhaps they hit some ‘djinns’ and offended the spirits.”

Asian Correspondent reveals that shouts and screams are still being heard in one Malaysian school, even after the “cleanse.”

A local university back in May announced that a kit is available for anti-hysteria, which claims to prevent ‘evil spirits’ from being troublesome. It has been jokingly questioned on social media why this anti-hysteria kit hasn’t been used in any of these affected schools. Perhaps the price tag of $2,224 (RM8,750) may be the reason behind that.

What are your thoughts on this? Are these Malaysian schools experiencing mass hysteria or are these students and teachers really being possessed by evil spirits?

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