New York Primary 2016 Live Results: Find Up-To-Date Totals For Democratic And Republican Races In The Empire State

The New York 2016 primary is here, and those who want to follow live results of all the Republican and Democratic voting will have plenty of options for Tuesday’s pivotal race.

After a long lull in voting, the New York primary offers one of the biggest prizes for both Republican and Democrats and the potential to bring a major shift in the races. For Donald Trump, the primary is a chance to retake control of the race after a series of missteps and victories for Ted Cruz. And on the Democratic side, it gives Hillary Clinton the opportunity to stop Bernie Sanders’ momentum in its tracks and essentially put the race away.

Those who want to follow live results of the New York 2016 primary will be able to follow streaming coverage from ABC News below.

In the weeks leading up to the New York primary, the polls have favored the frontrunners, who both enjoy a home field advantage. Clinton, who was a New York senator for eight years, has held a consistent double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders. Manhattan real estate mogul Donald Trump is doing even better, ABC News noted, leading his GOP opponents by more than 30 points in a series of polls, including a WNBC/WSJ/Marist poll released April 15 that showed him with 54 percent support among Republican voters.

A big win could be key for Donald Trump, who has fallen off the pace to win the Republican nomination outright. If he comes in below the delegate threshold, it appears he will lose to Ted Cruz at a contested convention.

“If he picks up north of 75 [delegates], he has a real path to 1,237,” said ABC News political analyst Matt Dowd.

The New York 2016 primary results could come with an added bit of controversy. The state’s strict voting rules stipulated that votes must have aligned with a party by October, something that slipped by many independent voters. The rise of Bernie Sanders in the months after October has left many of his supporters unable to cast a ballot on Tuesday. Even two of Donald Trump’s children missed the deadline, and won’t be able to vote for their father.

As some experts noted, New York is actually one of the most restrictive states when it comes to primary voting.

“The state of New York has no early voting as opposed to North Carolina that has ten days of early voting,” lawyer Thomas Farr said (via The Nation). “The state of New York has no same-day registration. The state of New York has no out-of-precinct voting. The state of New York has no preregistration.”

The state’s closed primary will hurt Bernie Sanders the most, experts say.

“Thirty-seven percent of voters under the age of 30—the Vermont senator’s core group of supporters—aren’t registered to a political party in New York City,” writes Russell Berman in The Atlantic.

The closed primary has prompted some voters to try a Hail Mary to get the rules changed. This week, hundreds of voters filed lawsuits calling on the state to open the primaries to all voters. Many of the voters are also claiming that their party affiliation had changed from Democratic or Republican to unaffiliated or Independent without their knowledge, the New York Daily News noted.

Those who want to follow up-to-date voting numbers and live results from the New York 2016 primary can click here for coverage from the New York Times or here for CNN‘s results page.

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