April 18, 2016
James Franco Describes His Interview For Role Of Young Han Solo In 'Star Wars' Spin-Off

Ever since the world caught drift of a Hans Solo Star Wars spin-off in the works, fans have been eager to find out more. After all, Solo is not only an admired character, but arguably a favorite.

But while audiences and fans await more final news concerning the spin-off, reports pour in regarding celebrities' audition experiences and concerning theories about the new Han Solo.

Many young actors have been considered for role, according to reports from Entertainment Weekly, but recently there have been rumors of a supposed shortlist being reached.
"Alden Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!), Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction), Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), and Emory Cohen (Brooklyn) were among the young actors who apparently auditioned for the role; actors from Richard Linklater's new film Everybody Wants Some also had meetings for the project, which is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street)."
There were also reports of Dave Franco, James's younger brother, being considered for Han's part.

EW also said that Disney has "declined to comment on the shortlist of names."

James Franco at a book signing for
James Franco at a book signing for "Straight James/Gay James" [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]The elder Franco auditioned for the role of a lifetime, but said that it was a unique experience, as most Star Wars auditions are.

"Because of the nature of what it is, it just explodes everywhere," he told MTV news. "Everyone's coming up and being like, 'Dude, what's going on?' And I'm like, 'I don't know. You know as much as me.' I don't want to underplay it, like, I'm very flattered to have been or to be whatever, wherever they are in the conversation, but, like, it is what it is."

Obviously, many of us may be wondering whether or not Franco just played up his own personality or went as far as mess around with impressions.

"'I'm not good with impressions,' Franco answered in response to whether he was trying to do a 'Harrison thing.'" Franco explained, according to EW. "He continued, 'I think that's the reason it's so hard to cast this role, too. It's like, do they want to like perfectly embody who Harrison Ford is, or do they want to go a completely different route? Do they want someone to look really similar him? So, I don't know, I think they're struggling with that, maybe.'"

Rumors of the potential casting of Alden Ehrenreich have been spreading like wildfire, according to The Inquisitr.

Gospel Herald reported that this spin-off--like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which will premiere later this year)--is a part of the anthology film series that Disney is currently so passionate about.
"The young Han Solo film is one of several planned Star Wars Anthology films that will be essentially stand-alone Star Wars films, but still be a part of the Star Wars story. It will kick off this holiday on December 16, 2016 with Star Wars: Rogue One, a story about how the Death Star plans were stolen. This fits into Star Wars: A New Hope, and the story of how Han Solo became the great smuggler that he was could also fit in as well."
[Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]