MixxedFit Workouts: Zumba Exercise Style Meets 2016 [Video]

There’s a new workout in town, and its name is MixxedFit. According to THV11, MixxedFit is a way for folks to get in their exercise by dancing. The MixxedFit classes combine the best parts of boot camp classes and dancing that burns the calories. The MixxedFit classes are usually an hour long, and they contain steps that are generally easy for everyone to follow.

As seen in some of the below photos and videos of the MixxedFit process, MixxedFit is popular on social media. The hashtag #mixxedfit enjoys 12,985 posts on Instagram. The below video claims to include dance moves and the original MixxedFit creator.

The MixxedFit video shows that the whole exercise process is pretty high intensity. However, instead of swinging around kettlebell weights or doing planks, it appears that the MixxedFit process uses a hyped-up atmosphere similar to the one that Zumba usually involves. With Zumba, there is generally lots of dancing and smiling and high-energy tactics that get the class adherents to move a lot and sweat off plenty of pounds in the process.

Other videos show the MixxedFit fans wearing their MixxedFit t-shirts and performing plenty of hip swiveling moves that are also sometimes seen being performed in Zumba classes. Those that teach MixxedFit classes are taking to social media to show off their newly-created choreography moves that they plan to bring to future MixxedFit groups.

Overall, the MixxedFit exercise dances seem similar to Zumba in that they offer a fun way to sort of forget that a person is exercising. By the time a person spends one hour sweating and swiveling and moving their hips, arms and legs around in the MixxedFit class, they may have burned off plenty more calories than they would have if they had simply worked out alone or at home.

The common theme in plenty of the MixxedFit videos and social media posts is that they usually feature classes with good-sized crowds of people — and no strength-training equipment other than a person’s own body. It’s the same reason that Zumba became popular: because it didn’t require lots of overhead. Generally, Zumba required a space for folks to workout — be it a room in a storefront property or elsewhere, and good, intense and fun music.

Whereas those interested in bodybuilding and lifting weights — or getting strength-training through boot camps — usually look for weights beyond body weight to use, MixxedFit doesn’t seem to require those accoutrements.

On Instagram, the “lorichungster” account of Lori Chung is credited as being one from the MixxedFit® Founder. As described in the profile, MixxedFit has 2,000 teachers and more than 500 locations — with at least 60,000 around the globe that indulge in MixxedFit.

2K instructors, 500+ locations, 60,000 people who take our MixxedFit® classes worldwide. Join the MixxedFit® Tribe today!

As of this writing, Chung’s Instagram account has more than 5,000 followers — but if MixxedFit continues to get as much buzz as it has been getting, expect that number to swell greatly.

On Facebook, the Mixxedfit account added photos and the testimony of Karen Morrison, a woman who credited her weight loss transformation to MixxedFit.

In January 2015 I joined One Life Fitness to further my commitment to weight loss. I enrolled in a latin dance fitness class with one instructor that was eventually given to another instructor. There was something different about her class that intrigued me. During the class, a student told me that this instructor taught MixxedFit and suggested I try it.

Being one who loves to dance, I found the format fun and exciting, yet challenging. Every class I left drenching in sweat and in eager anticipation of attending the next session. Prior to joining the gym, I had loss over 50 pounds, but my weight loss had plateaued. I decided to add more MixxedFit® classes to my weekly schedule, so I attended Tuesday, Thursday, and a Friday class that offered 30 minutes of MixxedFit®. I couldn’t get enough of this new found vibrancy and level of energy.

I have lost an additional 20 pounds and recently became a licensed MixxedFit® Instructor. I still attend three classes a week and participate in various fundraising events.

As seen in the top photo above, Zumba Fitness instructors stand in front of a crowd as they lead a workout on Saturday, July 25, 2015. The event was Fitness Dance Party at Tropical Park in Miami.

[AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee]