Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Won’t Be Renewing Their Wedding Vows

Every so often, news that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed for divorce begins to spread across the internet, but, in spite of the haters hoping for such drama, Nicole and Keith couldn’t be more in love, or more in like, as the actress phrases it. Yet, Kidman and Urban have made a conscious choice not to renew their wedding vows for their 10 year anniversary. Nicole talks about the reason for this and why she feared taking on a stage play about female scientist Rosalind Franklin.

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Won’t Be Renewing Their Wedding Vows, After All

As their 10 year anniversary draws ever nearer, Kidman and Urban are in love as much today as they have been throughout the past ten years. This much was apparent at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, where Keith and Nicole were seen sharing public displays of affection that included plenty of hand holding and kissing. The couple attended the festival to premiere The Family Fang, the story of a very dysfunctional family. Kidman stars in The Family Fang and also produced the film.

Kidman says she and Keith do everything together. For example, she reveals that Urban chose the Louis Vuitton dress that Nicole wore to Tribeca, though the actress turned producer admits she gave him a few choices, so Keith didn’t feel too much pressure.

Together, the couple responded to questions about rumors that they would be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.

“We don’t need to,” said Kidman. “The vows are strong, we keep them.”

“They’re daily in the sense of action, as opposed to being recited,” added Urban. “I like to think of showing those on a daily basis.”

Kidman says that she and Keith go that extra mile in a literal sense, flying across the world to see one another, whenever work takes one or both of them away from home. Nicole says they don’t do this out of obligation or mistrust, but because they genuinely want to see each other. For Nicole and for Mr. Urban, their relationship is as much about like as it is about love.

“I love him, but I also like him,” said Kidman, giggling.

Photograph 51 Inspires Apprehension In Nicole Kidman

For Nicole’s latest project, she’s taken a break from the big screen to step out on the stage in the play, Photograph 51. The play tells the story of Rosalind Franklin. You may be asking who Rosalind Franklin is, unless you’re well versed in the notable figures of the scientific community. Franklin was a female scientist and one of the key people involved in the discovery of the double helix found in D.N.A. Rosalind, who Kidman portrays in the stage performance, lived a tragic life and died suddenly at the age of 35. While she was recognized for her work on viruses, Franklin wasn’t recognized for her contributions in the area of D.N.A. research, until after her death.

“As the daughter of a scientist, the play is based on something that’s very important to me,” says Nicole, revealing a deep connection to the subject matter.

Even as Kidman was first drawn to the play, she was warned that the play would be a flop, that it would fail to excite audiences, but Kidman just couldn’t deny her attraction to the play, or her love for the character of Rosalind Franklin.

“So there were a lot of factors that went into the emotional commitment to it. But everyone said to me, ‘No one’s going to be interested in a female scientist who died at 35.’ I kind of lost my confidence and thought, ‘Maybe they’re right,’ so it was amazing to see the audience react to the play,” said Ms. Kidman. “Many times I would cry during my curtain call because it was so emotional to have that connection.”

Following the successful run of Photograph 51 in London, rumors have begun to circulate that the play will be coming to Broadway. While nothing has been confirmed, Nicole Kidman has said she would definitely on board, if that came to pass.

[Image by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival]