K. Michelle Banned From Radio One Airwaves After ‘LHHATL’ Singer Bails On Multiple Events

Are K. Michelle’s diva antics ruining her music career? The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star recently upset some radio station execs when she failed to show up to yet another of their events. This time, the no-show could cost her money though because Radio One broadcasting stations have been ordered to remove all K. Michelle music from their airwaves.

K. Michelle was scheduled to attend a breakfast that would be broadcast on the radio in Washington, D.C. She arrived in town and was all set to come to the event but never showed up or even contacted anyone prior to the breakfast. There were 50 fans from WKYS 93.9 FM waiting to see her at the special event who were left high and dry all because K. Michelle didn’t want to get up early. The event was held on April 1, and many thought she was playing an April Fool’s prank when the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star failed to show up.

After the event, reps for the reality star diva explained that K. Michelle wanted to stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington D.C. on the night before the event according to Straight From The A. The hotel was already booked, though, so Radio One planners booked her for the Ritz Carlton in Baltimore instead, leaving her with a one hour drive to get the special breakfast the next day. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for K. Michelle who never said anything about her hotel stay or her plans to skip the event.

Instead of getting up early and heading to Washington D.C. for her waiting fans, K. Michelle decided that she needed more rest and stayed in bed. That upset Cathy Hughes, the owner of Radio One, and she ordered that all the radio stations under her umbrella remove K. Michelle’s music from their playlists immediately. That included all songs by her and anything featuring the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star as well.

That might not seem like a big deal except that Radio One has 54 broadcast stations under its umbrella, and all of them deal with the urban music market. Basically, the biggest radio stations across the United States that might have played K. Michelle’s music have been told to avoid her at all costs. Not to mention that they also aren’t playing any songs that feature her either, so other artists have to avoid having K. Michelle on their songs, or Radio One won’t play them either. This can’t be good for her music career!

This isn’t the first time that K. Michelle has been blocked from having her music played on the radio. The last time K. Michelle lost radio play was after a feud with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club just last month. The LHHATL star went off on Angela on-air over some comments she made about the singer according to BET. Things got so bad during the confrontation that Power 105.1 removed all her music from their airwaves, too. Check out the video below to hear what K. Michelle said about Angela during her interview.

At this rate, there might be more radio stations that are purposely not playing K. Michelle’s music than stations that are. Do you think that K. Michelle’s diva antics are ruining her music career? Or is she allowed a pass because the Love & Hip Hop star can really sing and should be allowed to disrespect her fans by not showing up to their events?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]