‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Episode 6: Who Will Be Norman’s Next Victim? [Spoilers!]

If you watched last week’s episode of Season 4’s Bates Motel, you know Norman’s closer to going off the deep end than ever before. Seemingly, the burning question on everyone’s mind is “who will be his next victim?”

This week’s Bates Motel episode, “The Vault,” delves deeper into Norman’s fractured psyche. It may look as though he’s more comfortable talking to Dr. Edwards. But is it really the truth or just his attempt to get early release from the ritzy mental hospital he currently calls home?

“Why are you here. She doesn’t want me to talk to you.”

According to the synopsis posted on International Business Times, the good doctor finally has the chance to get up close and personal with Norman’s Dissociative Identity Disorder. While asking Norman to divulge more information about his father, who should show up but his mother… or more specifically the VISION of his mother. She adamantly insists that Norman keep his mouth shut. Whether or not he obeys is still a mystery.

One thing is certain, on the upcoming episode of Bates Motel, Norman will definitely uncover more gut-wrenching truths, as his therapy moves forward. Hopefully, Dr. Edwards will survive the turmoil. After all, no one within choking distance of Mr. Bates is safe, are they?

Since there isn’t a reference in the clip shown above, there’s no way of knowing what’s going to happen with Emma and Dylan on Monday night’s episode. Obviously, Emma still has no idea Norman killed her mother. No one’s found a body. But, chances are, it’s bound to turn up soon… maybe even at the bottom of the pit at the Bates Motel. Has anyone taken the time to REALLY look? Thank goodness, she’ll have Dylan to console her, when that fateful day arrives.

Speaking of consoling, last week’s show ended with Norma and Romero on the verge of acting like a real married couple. Were sparks flying on that piano bench, or what? Unfortunately, not only is Romero going to risk his career in Episode 6 of Season 4, his marriage is going to be threatened too.

It’s funny, you and I, isn’t it. It’s like I’m watching a movie.”

As you might guess, Chick and Rebecca are both making appearances on Bates Hotel, this week. Word has it, according to Design & Trend, Norma’s going to try her best to keep her previous altercation with the mountain-looking man under wraps. If you remember correctly, he promised to keep Norma’s incestuous secret as long she rats out Caleb’s whereabouts. Uh, Caleb… if Norma calls, don’t answer the phone. Too late!

Poor Rebecca is still on the lookout for Bob Paris’ safety deposit box key. Will this be the week she discovers it’s in the possession of her favorite neighborhood sheriff. Oh, the twisted and bloody webs we weave…

What do you think of Bates Motel Season 4, so far? Do you think Norma will make it to Season 5, as a living person or as a figment of Norman’s twisted imagination? Do you think Dylan and Emma have a chance to escape the madness and live happily ever after? What’s going to happen to Sheriff Romero, when his new wife is no longer in the picture? Feel free to leave your theories and comments below.

[Photo by Cate Cameron/A&E]