Wanna see teen girls stripping? Go to Rhode Island, It's legal there

Duncan Riley

A legal loophole in local laws in Providence, RI, says there's nothing preventing 'gentlemen's clubs' from hiring teenage girls as strippers, and one such club has had girls as young as 16 on their stage.

Laws regulating strip bars and other establishments are set and enforced by the city or county in most states in the U.S., but there has never been a law in Providence that regulates the age of exotic dancers. Basically, no law says a girl has to be a certain age or older to take her clothes off for entertainment purposes.

At an establishment called Cheaters Gentleman's Club, police in the area have learned that a 16 year old girl who ran away from home has been slinking around the brass pole for some time. The club owner refused to comment to local media, but he hasn't done anything wrong by hiring her.

This type of thinking - that just because no law says something is wrong means it's ok - has never sat well with me. A 16 year old girl is a child and if society and it's members are so morally incompetant that they think it's right to have her prance around on a stage naked for their 'enjoyment' just because no-one is stopping it from happening, then wow. No wonder governments at all levels are getting more and more involved in our personal lives, dictating what's right and wrong. We can't figure it out for ourselves?

Inquisitr readers: Do you have a moral compass? Would you go to, or stay in a strip club if you knew the naked girl on stage was only 16 years old?

Where does it stop - How young is too young?