Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Two Teen Boys Swept Out To Sea At Ocean Beach In San Francisco

The United States Coast Guard has called off a search for two teen boys who were swept out to sea while playing in the water with friends at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The teens were swept into the ocean by strong current while standing in waist-high water with three other friends. Three of the five teens were able to make it back to shore, but the two other teens identified as “weak swimmers” never returned. The Coast Guard called in a boat and helicopter search but the teens were not found.

SF Gate reports that the Coast Guard has officially called off the search for two teens who were swept out to sea by strong currents at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The teens were part of a group of five playing in the water when the currents pulled the five teens under the water. Three of the teens were able to make it back to the beach but reported that the two other teen boys, ages 17 and 18, were still missing. The Coast Guard was called to the scene for rescue.

When the Coast Guard responded to the incident, two lifeboats and a helicopter were used to search for the missing teens. However, as night began to fall, the Coast Guard called off the search noting that the teens were presumed to have drowned. The San Francisco Fire Department tweeted shortly after the incident encouraging beachgoers to avoid the search area as crews were attempting to find the missing teens.

The fire department noted that the teen boys were last seen wearing swim trunks with one teen in blue swim trunks and the other in gray swim trunks.

Sadly, despite the efforts by the San Francisco Fire Department and Coast Guard, the teens were not recovered from the sea and have been presumed dead. The pair were identified by their friends as “weak swimmers” with the three surviving teens noting that they too were pulled under the water by the strong current but managed to make it back to the shore.

It wasn’t until nightfall that the search for the teens was officially called off. At 9:00 p.m. PST, the search was called off and press notified.

This morning, a beach hazard statement was released by the San Francisco Fire Department noting increased likelihood of rip currents and sneaker waves in the area.

Though the area is currently under a rip current advisory, Fire Department spokesman Jonathan Baxter notes that Ocean Beach can be dangerous even on a good day. He reports that the currents on this particular beach are strong enough to pull a grown man down into the water.

“Ocean Beach conditions on a good day are generally enough to pull a grown man into the water.”

The names of the two teens presumed drowned have not been released; however, one report indicates that the boys were from Vallejo. This isn’t the first tragedy at Ocean Beach this year. Just last month. a man was found submerged in the water at Ocean Beach and drowned as lifeguards attempted to rescue the man who was swimming in the dark.

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