April 17, 2016
According To Margot Robbie, She'll Play Harley Quinn 'Until My Body Gives Out And I Can't Do It Anymore'

Hollywood has been making Batman movies for a couple of decades now; there's always an excited buzz in the air, a sense of electricity when a new villain gets the chance to flex their criminal chops in Gotham. We have to patiently wait until Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie drops into cinemas, but there's little doubt that DC is already laying the intricate groundwork for this feature, one that kick-started with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and continues with Suicide Squad later in 2016.

It's been known for some time that Suicide Squad hosts a near-exclusive Batman villain roster, but few of these dastardly foes have the immense popularity of Harley Quinn, a character who finally makes her big-screen debut in Suicide Squad. That's right, The Joker's on-off girlfriend, partner in crime, and crazy assistant will finally appear in cinemas, and if the trailer reaction is anything to go by, the fans are already insane about this incarnation of Mr. J's "one true love." Which begs the question, will she return for future movies?

Well, according to Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn is just getting started.

According to Margot Robbie, She'll Play Harley Quinn Until My Body Gives Out And I Can't Do It Anymore2
'Suicide Squad' features an almost-exclusive roster of Batman villains. Rumours already exist that one or more of these characters will star in the upcoming, untitled 'Batman' movie. [Image via Warner Bros.]During a red carpet Q&A with Erik Davis at Fandango, one that appeared on his personal Twitter account, Margot Robbie revealed that she is ready to reprise her role in future DC Cinematic Universe instalments.
"Yeah, I'm so not done playing her yet. I will do whatever I can to keep playing Harley for another couple of years. Until my body gives out and I can't do it anymore."
Needless to say, the thousands of Harley Quinn fans out there will be excited by this news. While nothing is confirmed just yet, the hope is that we see more of Quinn in future instalments of the DC Extended Universe, whether this is in more films, TV series, or both. Touching back on the near-exclusive Batman villain roster, many rumours point to one, two or several of the Suicide Squad members being featured in the recently announced, but yet untitled Batman movie. Rumours rule the internet, so we'll have to wait until Ben Affleck takes his seat behind the camera for more accurate information.

Suicide Squad isn't released until August 5, and even though Batman is featured in the movie in some capacity, it's not entirely clear how much of the ensemble movie will actually occur in Gotham. While it was revealed this week that each of the squad members will be incarcerated in Arkham Prison by Batman during/before the movie, as reported by Cinema Blend, this leaves the film's ending open to only one major possibility; will these enemies appear in the solo Batman movie, and if so, are any of the acting cast contracted to return? With Robbie's comments still warming the ears of Harley Quinn fans around the globe, this seems like a real possibility. After all, The Joker seems to be featured heavily in these plans, if the Easter eggs and evidence points in the right direction. So why not have his girlfriend tag along for the psychopathic fun?

The Joker and Harley Quinn have both been featured prominently in the two Suicide Squad trailers -- which was expected with their immense popularity -- so is this a hint at the dark future of the DC Extended Universe? Let's not forget that despite her standing in the eyes of the fans, Quinn is one of the more tragically adorable characters in the Batman universe. Due to The Joker's skillful manipulation, she is convinced to give up a career as an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist in order to join his rampage of crime, going insane and falling in love with him in the process. Despite being partners in this fashion, The Joker is physically and verbally abusive to Harley on numerous occasions, although this does little to wane her devotion to, as she so fondly calls him, Mr. J.

With this much focus on the characters and a rabid fanbase behind them, surely it's not a coincidence.

According to Margot Robbie, She'll Play Harley Quinn Until My Body Gives Out And I Can't Do It Anymore2
Margot Robbie will bring Harley Quinn to life for the very first time in 'Suicide Squad.' She is one of the more popular characters in the comics, and many expect her to feature regularly going forward. [Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.]Margot Robbie's enthusiasm for the role can only be seen as a positive. With another Batman movie in development, it would be interesting to see several new enemies appear on the Batcave's radar, or even one or two familiar foes. The Joker and Batman will go down as one of the classic comic book rivalries, and it will always be welcome on the big screen. Seeing Harley appear on the former's arm would give the film a dynamic that's been missing in the previous two incarnations of The Joker. Again, it's all speculation, but DC have a chance to appeal to the masses -- both die-hard fans and general cinema viewers -- what with Batman's profile being more exposed than ever.

With several clues in Batman v Superman pointing to a big showdown between the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime, not to mention the Justice League's regular encounters with Batman's favorite foes, this could be a great sign of the DC cinema to come. DC may only have the two movies in 2016, but the future is certainly bright. Marvel might yet have a reason to worry.

Suicide Squad will be released in theaters on August 5.

[Image via Warner Bros. Studios]