Dallas Cowboys News: Cowboys Forced To Ponder Everything For Upcoming Draft

For the Dallas Cowboys, the upcoming NFL Draft has taken on a different turn. Thanks to a trade which took place, the Dallas Cowboys have to rethink their draft strategy a bit. That may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for one of the NFL’s most recognizable teams.

When the Los Angeles Rams acquired the No. 1 pick (as reported by the L.A. Rams’ team website) from the Tennessee Titans, it forced a trickle down effect for the teams who are selecting in the top 10. It is now a known fact that the first player chosen will be a quarterback. Prior to the trade taking place, offensive tackle Larry Tunsil appeared to be in the running to be selected as the No. 1 pick. Mock drafts now have Tunsil going to the San Diego Chargers at No. 3. Dallas is on the clock immediately after the Chargers make their pick.


It was widely assumed that the Dallas Cowboys were looking at filling the quarterback spot with the fourth pick. QB is not the Cowboys’ greatest need. At least not at the moment. Tony Romo is still Tony Romo. And a healthy Tony Romo is a top-10 signal-caller if not better. The problem is that Romo was not healthy much of last season.

By breaking his clavicle twice, Romo put the Cowboys in a bind. In a season that began so promising, the Dallas was doomed from the moment the Tony Romo injury occurred. A cavalcade of quarterbacks took turns trying to get victories for the Dallas Cowboys, but to no avail.

The thinking that the Cowboys have is that an adequate backup quarterback would have given the team a chance to win games. Sure, they need another passer, someone who is the heir apparent to Tony Romo, but choosing one with the fourth pick was considered questionable. Dallas’ failures from last season were less about quarterback play and more about ball control. There was also a lack of offensive playmakers last year.


Tony Romo was not the first Cowboys’ player to suffer a major injury. It was wide receiver Dez Bryant, who broke a bone in his foot. After Bryant went down, no other receiver stepped up in his absence. One way to make up for things is the solidarity of a rushing attack.

In a perfect world, running back Joseph Randle would have avoided off the field trouble and put the Cowboys on his back. He did not come close to being what Dallas needed him to be. Subsequently, he got into more trouble and got released.

Darren McFadden had an opportunity to rise to the occasion as well. He did okay in the chances that he had to become the leading tailback, but his impact was not enough to get the Cowboys over their hurdles.


Losing the versatility that Lance Dunbar brought to the table eliminated the possibility of having a player who can run and catch the football.

Also, the receiving corps could not gain separation from defenders.

With so many other problems on offense, how could the Dallas Cowboys focus on drafting a quarterback with the fourth pick?

From what scouts are suggesting about North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, he has a huge upside. According to the Orange County Register, his upside could be as great as Tom Brady or Andrew Luck.

CBS Sports analyst Dane Brugler, who collaborated with the Orange County Register’s findings, stated the following.

“You watch him at North Dakota State, and you see pro-style reads, left-to-right, high-to-low progressions. You see him taking 50-50 snaps under center and in shotgun. You see everything you want to see.”

The Dallas Cowboys have to see the same things that Brugler does. As does the Rams. Los Angeles will decide between Carson Wentz and Jared Goff for the No. 1 pick. The Cleveland Browns have the next pick, and they could grab the quarterback that the Rams pass over. If both quarterbacks are off the board, that forces the Cowboys to look elsewhere for a player to draft.


The Cowboys have a need for a running back. Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott will be available when Dallas is on the clock at four. Since no wide receivers are worthy of a top-5 selection, the Dallas Cowboys have to choose between Elliott or one of the defensive players who are at the top of the draft board.

If things go according to plan, the Dallas Cowboys will be the first team to think defense with a draft pick. With players like Joey Bosa and Myles Jack on the draft board, there is no downside here. Do not be stunned to hear Ezekiel Elliott’s name get the call with the Dallas Cowboys.

[Featured Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]