‘House Of Darkness’ On Lifetime: Is This Film Based On A True Story? [Video]

Tonight is the premiere for the new movie, House of Darkness, on Lifetime, and viewers can’t wait to see this one. These new Lifetime movies always have viewers wondering if they are based on a true story or not. House of Darkness, which airs this week, is actually based on a true story, according to Bustle. Everyone is curious about the story, and how this one could even be real.


The movie House of Darkness is a supernatural movie, which of course would make viewers think it isn’t true, but that isn’t the case with this one. The thing is this movie is actually based on something that a family in San Francisco says happened to them. The idea that a family went through what happens on House of Darkness is pretty crazy. Here is what Lifetime had to say about House of Darkness.

“Inspired by true events, the supernatural thriller House of Darkness recounts the mysterious case of a San Francisco family who claimed that a dark force was responsible for the tragic events that unfolded… Trying to save their struggling marriage Kelly, her husband Brian and their daughter Sarah, move to a rural farmhouse in search of some serenity. Unbeknownst to them, nearly every family that has lived in the house has suffered some form of tragedy, dating back nearly 100 years… Will Kelly and her family be the next victims of the dark forces in the house?”

The preview for House of Darkness shows the family hearing things when they think the kids are in bed, but isn’t the kids at all. They also take pictures and see odd things in them. The mom looks down the hallway and sees two children, that she thinks are hers at first, but then realizes her kids are asleep right by her. They are dressed up in Halloween costumes. The dad even starts to see things as well in their new house.


Some people will assume this is based on the book House Of Darkness, House Of Light: The True Story, but that book is what The Conjuring is all about, and this is a totally different story. So far, Lifetime isn’t sharing the details of what House of Darkness is about, and that it is just simply based on a true story. Hopefully, they will share the details on the movie, or the family will decide to come out after it is released.

AV Club shared more about the movie House of Darkness. The movie will start out back in 1957, showing two trick or treaters disappearing. This must be the children that the mother sees in the hallway in the movie preview. Married couple Kelly (Sara Fletcher) and Brian (Gunner Wright) go to their marriage counselor, and explain that they are going to be moving and feel like this could help their marriage. Obviously, the house they chose could end up tearing them apart instead.

Once they move into their new house, Brian will get jealous that Sara is looking at the neighbor a bit too much. He is also very jealous that she is working as a massage therapist and touching other men. They will also have to deal with whatever is haunting their new home. It will be surprising to see if they can make this marriage work somehow.

Are you shocked to hear that House of Darkness is based on a true story? Do you feel like this all really happened? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss House of Darkness when it airs on Sunday night on Lifetime.

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