Farrah Abraham Might Be On The Big Screen Soon: Abraham Moves To Los Angeles To Begin Hollywood Career [Video]

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG fame might be headed for the big screen! After attending the MTV Movie Awards, Farrah posted on Instagram that she “can’t wait to be in movies soon!” Abraham recently purchased a $845,000 home in Hollywood Hills, California, making it entirely possible that she will be appearing in theaters soon.

On April 15, it was revealed that Farrah purchased a 2,700 square foot town home in the Los Angeles area with the intent to begin a Hollywood career. The home has three bedrooms, and also features a three car garage, hardwood floors, and a fireplace.


At the MTV Movie Awards, Abraham revealed that the decision to relocate to L.A. was a personal one — and one that she feels will benefit her career. Speaking to People magazine, Farrah confirmed she is moving, “hopefully Monday,” to the new town home, noting that it is just minutes from the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

“I just passed the house on the way [to the MTV Movie Awards] because it’s by the studio so I’m like, I made the right choice,” Abraham confessed. It’s not clear how moving to Los Angeles to pursue a movie career will affect the Teen Mom OG alum’s contracts with MTV, since the network has made it clear in the past that Abraham cannot accept certain opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Farrah recently made headlines for an explosive fight with a Teen Mom OG producer, in which Abraham threw a fit after being told she could not appear on another reality show with her mother. Abraham and the producer have “worked out our battles,” Farrah revealed, adding that “I have to just say as a businesswoman and a reality star and everything I do, I have to just say, ‘always stay grounded and have your boundaries.’ “

“And look where I am today,” Farrah Abraham concluded.


Farrah also hopes the move to Los Angeles will benefit her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, revealing that “for my personal life – to see my daughter happy at the beach” is important to her. Farrah Abraham added that she and her daughter “can do so many other things while we’re here, so to be closer to the beach is a big deal for us right now.”

Abraham and her daughter were photographed recently enjoying the beaches in Hawaii, so clearly being near the beach all the time is something Sophie will enjoy! When asked about Sophia, Abraham mentioned that the move to Los Angeles might help her daughter’s burgeoning fashion career.

Farrah confided that what she’s “most proud of is Sophia is really into fashion,”adding that her daughter is “opening up her own Sophia Laurent boutique store in Austin, Texas. She’s mentioned in New York Fashion Week. She’s in children model magazines.”


“I’m so proud of Sophia and that doesn’t even really impact her real life,” Farrah concluded. “She’s just been so successful on her own so that’s just awesome to me.”

Farrah Abraham attended the MTV Movie Awards with her “non-boyfriend” Simon Saran, with whom she’s had an on again-off again relationship. Although they’re frequently photographed together, Farrah and Simon are definitely not an item.

Abraham revealed that “right now we are under Dr. Jenn’s orders,” adding that their “therapist” wants them to “just take it one day at a time right now.”Although it’s not clear why Farrah and Simon need to see a therapist, Abraham did reveal that the couple is “doing [therapy] on our own right now. You’ll probably see that on the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG.”

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[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]