White Teenage Girls Planned Kidnapping Of Black Toddler At Shopping Mall So They Could Sexually Assault Victim

A pair of teenage sisters from Tyneside have been charged with shoplifting, kidnapping, and intention of committing a sexual offense after they plotted to abduct a toddler from Primark with the intention of sexually assaulting her.

The teenage sisters, who have gone unnamed due to their age, are 13- and 14-years-old. According to Metro, the sisters stole baby milk, a bottle, and dummies from Primark after abducting the female toddler. The little girl, also unnamed, was abducted from the Primark store and specifically targeted by the sisters because of her race. The sisters researched and planned to kidnap a black female toddler.

The disappearance of the toddler was reported soon after she disappeared, and police scoured the CCTV footage to determine who abducted the toddler and where they might have taken her. It didn’t take long to find the footage of the abduction. However, it took 45 minutes and a search of a three mile radius before finding the toddler and returning her to her parents. The sisters were apprehended and now face charges of theft, kidnapping, and intention to sexually assault the female toddler.

The sisters have appeared in front of the South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court for a 30-minute hearing, but have not yet been found guilty of their crimes. The investigation continues.

The sisters remain in jail without bond due to the seriousness of their accusations. However, their defending attorney, Alanna Wessencraft, does not feel they should remain in jail, according to the Daily Mail.

“I am not suggesting unconditional bail but there is nothing in their history to suggest that they would not abide by conditions.”

Both sisters listened quietly to their charges as Judge Roger Elsey read them off.

“You appreciate that you are charged with very serious offences. I am going to withhold bail and remand you to the local authority. You must live and sleep at the address provided by them.”

Searches of their computers revealed detailed searches in their browser history, including “poor little thing getting kidnapped and raped” and “African woman sexual activity,” premeditating their decision to not only kidnap the black female toddler but also to sexually assault the little girl. It is unknown what their intentions were after the rape and sexual assault took place. There are also no clues as to why the teenage sisters decided to kidnap a little girl and sexually assault her.

Neither of the sisters openly admitted to the charges and are expected to keep quiet about them until officially prosecuted by the courts.

Police in the area are proud of their quick work in recovering the young toddler and are ecstatic that she was found unharmed after an hour of reviewing the CCTV footage and another 45 minutes of actual search.

“We mobilised all available local police resources to make sure the girl was found as quickly as possible and also included assistance from the public, and many of our partner agencies including Newcastle local authority and university as well as staff from retail premises, bus companies, train station and metro system. I would like to thank all of those involved for their help in finding this little girl and helping reunite her with her mother.”

Kidnapping with an intention of sexual assault, especially on a toddler, is a very serious crime. The authorities will continue to investigate the incident until all information is obtained and the sisters are either found guilty or innocent. As of now, the evidence points to their guilt.

Primark has been fully cooperative with the police in the matter. It is unknown whether the parents of the sisters have been cooperative, or what their thoughts on the matter might be.

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