Sarah Palin Says ‘Even Fox News’ Doesn’t Seek Facts Before Reporting

Sarah Palin is known for blasting the “lame-stream media,” as she calls it, but considering her recent relationship with Fox News, it’s a bit unusual to see her lump that network in with the rest of news media. In the late evening hours Saturday night, though, Palin slammed Fox along with the rest, saying that reporters “spew bull” without checking their facts first.

Thanks to her relationship with the Donald Trump campaign, Sarah Palin has been in headlines again lately. A rumor that she would be entering a debate with Bill Nye on climate change further brought her into the spotlight, and opinions Palin expressed about Nye’s qualifications as a scientist gained further attention.

However, the background of some of these stories isn’t as clear-cut as could be hoped, and on Saturday, Palin declared two reports about her to be outright lies.

First, it was the story of Sarah Palin and Bill Nye entering a debate together. Bristol Palin blogged on Friday to say that a story about her mother “chickening out” of a debate against Nye wasn’t true, and to call out the writer for defending it. The account she cites no longer exists on Twitter, but she provided screenshots purporting to show the author of a story about Palin admitting she made it up, and insulting those who would question her.

On Saturday, Sarah Palin shared this on Facebook, adding her own commentary.

Media Idiots: Quit Making Things Up. Does My Daughter ALWAYS Have to Ding You On Your Constant Lies?

In fact, the Friendly Atheist blog dug into the facts about the “debate” and uncovered that it was never intended to be a debate. Instead, Sarah Palin was listed as headliner of a panel event that would include, not an appearance by Nye, but a video clip from a conversation with him.

As for Nye, he said he wasn’t aware of any such event, but would be willing to debate Palin if she was interested.

That’s not the only event Palin was rumored to have canceled on, though. On Wednesday, Breitbart reported that Sarah Palin would be appearing in Wyoming as a surrogate for Trump. Politico later reported that Palin would not be appearing after all, saying that the Trump campaign had not offered any explanation for the cancellation.

Sarah Palin: Donald Trump event never planned, media lies. [Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images]Now, Palin says that an appearance in Wyoming was never in her plans, and that she has email exchanges to prove it.

“No, despite reports, I didn’t ‘drop out’ of anything in Wyoming’s GOP Primary today. I wasn’t scheduled to be there, which can be verified by the Trump Campaign and our email exchanges from EIGHT DAYS AGO where it was agreed a trip to Wyoming wouldn’t fit in with my prior obligations to work in DC and Nevada this weekend.”

That’s not all, though. Her full post can be found here, and is reproduced as an image below. Highlights, though, include declaring that media “sux” and needs a spanking from her, and that she can’t keep up with all the misinformation printed about her. There’s also the following nugget, stomping Fox News along with the rest.

“Too bad reporters don’t bother to seek facts before spewing their bull. (Here’s to you even, Fox News.)”

Sarah Palin says media (even Fox) 'sux'. [Image via Facebook]After ending her position as a political analyst with the network last year, the Blaze reports that Palin said she maintained a “great relationship” with Fox.

That relationship doesn’t seem to have stopped her from including that network, though, as one more that she says fails to fact-check before reporting.

[Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images]