Coachella Celebrity Couples Spotted: Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom, Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris, Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio, And More

Celebrities flocked to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2016, and who better to spot than rumored Coachella celebrity couples who were heating up at the event?

First on our hot list of celebrity couples spotted at Coachella are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. This pair is fast becoming Hollywood’s favorite couple. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been seen getting pretty comfortable for the past few weeks and it’s no surprise a lot of Coachella attendees report that Katy and Orlando have been publicly displaying their affection during the music and arts festival.

Katy Perry was spotted at Coachella donning a nice head wrap and large dangling earrings, while Orlando Bloom rocked a Hawaiian shirt. Yahoo! also reported that other Coachella attendees can attest that Perry and Bloom were spotted making out during the festival. But, photos or it didn’t happen!

There has been no official confirmation about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom going steady but from the looks of it, the two are getting pretty serious. According to People in March, apparently, Katy Perry has already been spending some time with Orlando Bloom’s son. Bloom is very protective about his son, Flynn, so this gesture could really mean that both celebrities are taking their relationship to the next level. The source says tells People that Perry’s time spent with Flynn is seemingly indicative of the seriousness of their relationship.

“Orlando is very protective of his son. To introduce Flynn to Katy, she must mean [a lot] to him.”

Next on our exciting hot list are Kylie Jenner and Tyga. They were looking very fashionable at Coachella. Fans just couldn’t get enough of Kylie’s beautiful ‘do, but it’s hard to not to think about the rumors that Tyga and Kylie are on very hot plate right now. Kylie has reportedly been cheating on Tyga with French Montana, while Tyga has been spotted partying with Kylie Jenner-look a like, Kathleen Birdas.

But it looks like Kylie and Tyga are still together, as of Coachella 2016.

Looking for another hot celebrity couple? Let’s scoot over to Jaden Smith and girlfriend Sarah Snyder. Jaden and Sarah have been spotted together throughout Coachella, and from the photos Coachella16 has been publishing, it seems Jaden and Sarah are pretty eager to display their own affections for each other.

Jaden and Sarah have been spotted making out occasionally during the Coachella, with random snapshots of Jaden grabbing or feeling a fistful of Sarah’s front and rear.

Speaking of couples, Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t exactly what can be labelled as a couple, but they’ve been spotted in some intimate photos during Coachella. A photo of the two in close proximity was taken, showing how Rihanna and DiCaprio obviously tried to go incognito during the festival.

Well, that just didn’t work out and they were busted trying to steal a few seconds. While Rihanna and DiCaprio hooked up a while back in 2015, the two confirmed they are now over it and not dating.

Reports have also come in saying Taylor Swift will be supporting boyfriend Calvin Harris during Coachella. Swift is spotted during the event sporting her brand new Bleachella and it looks great on her.

Oh, and did you hear Ellie Goulding and ex-boyfriend Dougie Poynter almost had an awkward run-in during Coachella? Ellie did express that her story with Dougie is still unfinished, but will that translate to a future hook-up? Well, they didn’t appear together in any photos during Coachella.

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter were not seen together during Coachella Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter were not seen together during Coachella [Images via @elliegoulding, idougahole]Were you at the Coachella 2016? Did you see any of your favorite celebrity couples?

[Images via Coachella16/Twitter]