One Direction’s Harry Styles: After Six Years, Six Totally Untrue Stories

Harry Styles seems to command the attention of both his devoted fans and some of the worst tabloid hacks. One Direction star Harry is the darling of the gossip columns who strive to feed Styles’ fans with the slightest hint of news or gossip about Harry. When it comes to Styles, it seems that any snippet of information is big news, and when that information is not forthcoming, it seems that some are happy just to make it up. It would take weeks to recall every false or misleading story about Harry, but as he celebrates six years since his first X-Factor audition, here are six of the most bizarre and totally untrue stories about Styles.

It must be said that you don’t have to go back too far to bag some amazing and amusing false stories about Harry. Just days ago, it was reported in the Inquisitr that rumors were doing the rounds suggesting that Styles was to play rock wildman Axl Rose in a forthcoming biopic. It was even claimed that Harry is “often compared to Axl Rose.” Seriously, whilst Styles and Rose are both male, there is absolutely nothing similar about the two musicians. Rose has lived a life of drugs, booze, and domestic violence. Harry Styles most certainly has not.


U.K. tabloid the Daily Star recently reported that Kendall Jenner had complained that Harry had “breathtaking” body odor, and asked him to shower more often. As you might imagine, the story was picked up and repeated worldwide only for the tabloid to have to retract their claim and publish an apology to Harry.

“We said than Kendall Jenner had accused Harry Styles of having breathtaking body odor that goes ‘beyond BO’ and had ‘asked him to shower more’ on an upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ We have been advised that this was not true.”


Back in 2014 the same tabloid was sued for $150,000 by Styles after it ran a front-page story claiming that Harry had posted explicit pictures of himself on social media. The original story claimed that Harry had precipitated a “One Direction sex storm.”

“One Direction faced a sex storm last night as parents slammed the band’s increasingly shocking behaviour. An explicit selfie image of Harry Styles, 20, flooded the net, sparking a flood of complaints.

“In the shot he poses bare-chested with one hand tugging down his black boxers and the other hand hovering provocatively over his manhood.”

As reported by the Press Gazette, the story was totally untrue, as the pictures did not feature Styles at all.

In 2012, another U.K tabloid, the Sun, had to settle a case with entertainment journalist Caroline Whitmore after they falsely claimed that she was in a relationship with Harry. As reported by the BBC, Whitmore accepted undisclosed damages after she took legal action over the claims. It seems the story came about after Styles gave Whitmore a peck on the cheek after an interview on Granada TV.


The U.K. tabloids do not have an exclusive of fake stories about Harry. Life & Style gets in on the act, too. Back in December they falsely claimed that Taylor Swift was using a cellphone app to warn her if Harry came within 2,000 yards of her location. Again, the totally fabricated story was picked up by numerous outlets, including Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Amusingly, the app in question does not even work in the U.S. or the U.K. According to the app’s own website, it only works in Singapore.


Finally, we wrap up our round-up of untrue Harry Styles stories with the Daily Mail‘s claim that Harry was splashing out $600 a time to have “sheep’s placenta facials.” Hollywood dermatologist and “aesthetician” Louise Deschamps claimed that Harry popped into her clinic to have the treatment every six weeks. Styles later denied the story himself.

As One Direction fans celebrate the six-year milestone since Harry auditioned for X-Factor, they will be hoping that we are not treated to another six years of fantasy reporting on Styles.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]