Making It Rain On Hillary Clinton: 1,000 One-Dollar Bills Thrown By Bernie Sanders Supporters At Clinton Motorcade

Supporters of Bernie Sanders took it upon themselves to throw $1,000 worth of one dollar bills at Hillary Clinton’s motorcade, as seen in the below video. Clinton was on the way to the California fundraiser that was being held by actor and activist George Clooney — who admitted that it was an “obscene amount of money” involved in politics, with George’s fundraiser expected to raise approximately $15 million or more. Clooney admitted that no one likely likes fundraising — including politicos.

Meanwhile, George Clooney told Meet the Press that when he tried to speak with some of the Sanders supporters that a protester called Clooney a “corporate shill” and said George “sucked as Batman.” Clooney said he couldn’t argue with that logic over those particular acting skills of Clooney — and he walked away.

As reported by Mashable, Bernie Sanders showed up on SNL in the form of his Larry David counterpart, as Seinfeld came to the Democratic debate in New York. Julia Louis-Dreyfus reprised her role as Elaine Benes from the popular 1990s sitcom. Elaine’s role was to lob questions at SNL‘s version of Hillary Clinton and Sanders with queries from real New Yorkers.

However, it is the big cache of cash that Sanders supporters tossed at the Democratic presidential front-runner who is Clinton on Saturday evening that made buzz. The fact that Clooney and his wife Amal threw a fundraiser with very expensive tickets — that ranged up to $353,400 for couples to sit at a table with Hillary Clinton — isn’t going well with Hillary’s detractors.

Another video getting plenty of views is titled “$200,000” by the Sanders campaign. With nearly 400,000 views for the YouTube video, which was uploaded on April 15, the video is going viral because it compares the $15 per hour minimum wage that’s controversial in comparison to the $200,000 per hour that certain politicians are paid for speaking.

“Wall Street banks shower Washington politicians with campaign contributions and speaking fees… And what do they get for it? A rigged economy, tax breaks and bailouts.

“$200,000 an hour for them, but not even 15 bucks an hour for all Americans. Enough is enough.”

The reactions to Bernie and Hillary on social media are bringing a variety responses about monetary issues and how the two presidential candidates differ in the view of their supporters.

“Wow. Did Bernie just talk about the 2.3 trillion that went missing the day before 9/11? This is why Bernie gets so much support from the people that are starting to wake up to what’s going on and those who’ve known for a while now (aka conspiracy theorists).”

As seen in the above top photo, the Democratic presidential candidate Sanders appears with his wife, Jane, in New York. Bernie and his wife view a puppet at the “The Art of a Political Revolution” exhibit on Saturday, April 16. As reported by NBC News, the fact that Sanders supporters threw cash on Clinton’s motorcade on Saturday on the way to George’s house in Los Angeles brought plenty of attention. The cash came from about 75 supporters of Sanders, who stood outside the “counter-fundraiser” that was thrown by a neighbor of George. Supporters for Sanders held signs and played songs that proclaimed, “We’re in the money” as the motorcade went by. The supporters of Sanders also held signs that had the amounts of $27 on them, which represented the average amount that Bernie, a Vermont senator, gets in donations. Those who supported Sanders at the anti-Hillary event only paid $27 per person, which was a big difference from the minimum of $33,400 per person that those who attended the Clinton event paid.

[Photo by AP Photo/Mary Altaffer]