Kim Kardashian Divorce: Fed-Up Kim Reportedly Planning To File For Divorce Within Weeks, Kanye Has No Idea

Kim Kardashian is reportedly weeks away from filing for divorce from Kanye West, with a new report claiming that the couple is on the verge of a split just before their two-year wedding anniversary.

Kim and Kanye have been surrounded by divorce rumors for several months now, with reports claiming that they are being torn apart by jealousy, fighting, and by Kanye’s mood swings. The newest report claims that Kim is overwhelmed with her work and the couple’s money troubles, leading her to what one source said was her “breaking point.”

“Kim is considering filing for divorce from Kanye in the next two to three weeks,” a source told Radar Online.

The source added that the distance between Kim and Kanye is contributing to their marital problems, as they spend much time apart with Kanye working on his music and touring and Kim tending to her reality television empire.

Kim has the added stress of her uncertain career, the source added.

“They’ve been fighting,” the source said. “They have been having a lot problems, financially and more.”

Some of the problems could be related to the drama over Kim and Kanye’s new Bel Air mansion. Radar Online reported that the extensive remodel of the home is causing loads of stress, and that at one point, Kim gave up entirely.

“Kim had a total meltdown the first night when her automatic toilet flusher wouldn’t work,” a source told the outlet. “She’s a major germaphobe so she was freaking out.”

To make matters worse, the house had electrical problems and an infestation of silverfish and crickets, the source added.

The looming divorce for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could have wider implications, Celeb Dirty Laundry hinted in a previous report. The outlet reported that a custody battle will likely loom for their two children, North and Saint, and that Kanye’s very public meltdowns will make it difficult for him to gain custody.

The report noted his Twitter rampages, alleged tantrums, and even past police reports do not bode well for what could likely be a bitter court battle.

The source told Radar Online that Kim Kardashian’s plans for divorce will come as a shock to Kanye West, who doesn’t suspect anything is wrong, but another report says otherwise. A source recently told InTouch magazine (via Hollywood Life) that Kanye West is actually the one planning to dump Kim on their second anniversary.

The report said Kanye has been making cruel comments about Kim’s weight gain after having two children in a short time frame, and that his divorce plan will be “the ultimate humiliation for her.”

But it can often be difficult to tell truth from fiction when it comes to Kim Kardashian divorce rumors. The couple has been plagued with such rumors since they first married, and so far the entirety of the reports have turned out to be false — and almost always based on anonymous sources.

Kim has also showed them to be a happy couple, posting pictures of the couple together on Instagram and speaking highly of her husband in interviews.

They have also been continually spotted together, casting doubt on reports that separation is driving the split.


There are also reports that the latest Kim Kardashian divorce rumor is false. Gossip Cop refuted the recent Radar Online report, noting that some variation of the same story has been floating around for months. The outlet also quoted a separate unnamed source who said the Kim and Kanye divorce rumor was “nonsense.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]