British P.M. David Cameron Makes Unfortunate Jokes About Rough Sex And Taxes [Videos]

It seems David Cameron has a knack for telling smutty jokes, with his latest quip making a direct reference to “rough sex.” In the past he has been heard to joke on the subject of tax, which is rather ironic after the recent revelations emanating from the Panama Papers.

It was at the recent Tory team building “away day” that Britain’s Prime Minister made his latest unfortunate “witticism.” Reportedly, Tory MPs were ordered by Cameron to attend the event at a hotel in Chipping Norton on Thursday.

The not-so-conservative joker was apparently trying to lift the mood with the recent controversy in the party surrounding the possible Brexit from the European Union and possibly relating to the latest in the Panama Papers tax avoidance scandal.

According to a report by the Mirror Online, several of the Tory MPs chose not to attend, saying: “The last thing I want to do is spend my spare time with these people.”

Yet another Tory MP told Politico the cell reception-free zone at the venue was intended “to stop us tweeting.”

Apparently there was a free bar available for the attendees, with a £2,000 ($2,840) tab supplied by Cameron’s millionaire Tory chairman pal, Lord Feldman. There was also a lavish dinner for all involved, after which Cameron reportedly took to his feet to deliver a short speech.

That speech contained the most recent lewd joke to come from the British Prime Minister’s mouth, in this case referring to rough sex.

The Mirror Online quotes the Sunday Times as saying the racy joke began with, “Did you hear the one about the Lincolnshire farmer who liked rough sex?”

The joke is included in full below.

“A man moves to Lincolnshire, and is lonely until he gets a visit from a local farmer.

“The farmer invites him to a party, but warns him there will be a lot of heavy drinking.

“The man agrees that a bit of booze is likely to help lubricate the evening, and help him make friends.

“The farmer warns there will probably be a lot of fighting, but that doesn’t deter the newcomer.

“Finally, the farmer says the evening will probably end with ‘a lot of rough sex,’ but the new arrival shrugs and supposes that’s as good a way as any to get to know people in the community.

“As the farmer turns to head home, the man asks him what he should wear.

“The farmer says: ‘You can wear whatever you like, because it’ll just be you and me.'”

This isn’t the first time the British P.M. has made an off-color quip, however, as at the Tory Party Conference last year he joked about having sex with his wife Samantha to the 3,000 odd people gathered for the event.

The joke in question referred to a book apparently written by the British Labour party’s “economic guru” Richard Murphy and went like this:

“His book is actually called ‘The Joy of Tax.’ I’ve got it. I took it home to show Samantha. It’s got 64 positions – and none of them work.”

Readers can see him deliver the joke to a smattering of applause in the video included below.

Little did Cameron imagine at the time that he would be forced to release his tax records in 2016 in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal, where it was found his father, and the British P.M. himself, had benefited from offshore tax avoidance.

Of course, Cameron himself is not the only one to find humor in the current situation. CasetteBoy has put together a “tax evader” parody song video, starring none other than the British Prime Minister himself, which can be enjoyed below.

[Photo by Alex B. Huckle/WPA Pool/Getty Images]