For Healthy Weight, Eat Nutrients: The Secret That Junk Food Makers Don’t Want You To Know

The secret seems simple, but few know or follow it — to get down to, and stay at a healthy weight, eat nutrients. This means count nutrients, not calories.

Good health comes in large part from satisfying the body’s nutritional cravings, not denying hunger pains, according to experts, researchers, and health blogs such as Move Nourish Believe.

In fact, “Many different diets and programs promise rapid weight loss but rarely work for the long term. Some might even be dangerous,” reports WebMD.

This secret of getting healthy by counting nutrients instead of worrying about calories is not widely publicized because it is not profitable to tell it. Junk food pushers do not want you to know this and many other important health issues, according to news sources like the U.S. News and World Report.

Because if you start focusing on nutrients, you’ll stop eating their food.

The simple approach of counting nutrients requires no subscription to any fad diet, or any outlay of money to a club or company. All that is needed is to gain a little bit of knowledge, and to eat – not starve — your way to lose weight and be healthy.

How does counting nutrients get you to a healthy weight, and keep you there?

Getting the right nutrients curbs your hunger while making you healthy, as described by nutrition expert Shereen Lehman. So not only do you slim down and feel better, but you don’t have an intense battle with hunger urges.

The change for you to make is simple, and doesn’t require buying a bunch of food from a weight loss program, or eating expensive meal replacements.

Instead, put your efforts where the science is: Every day, before you eat anything that does not supply you with necessary nutrients, make sure to eat the foods that deliver the essential nutrients to your body.

Once you finish eating those foods (which might take up all of your meals and snacks, depending on how much you eat), you are then likely to want little or no more food, because your body will be nutrient satisfied. So avoiding unhealthy food choices will be a lot easier.

Which nutrients do you need, and what foods are they in?

It is easy (and free) to search the internet to get a list of everything your body needs. SF Gate is one of many sites that list the minerals you need, for example.

Sites like the Food Pyramid will give you an overview of what your body needs, and explanations of which nutrients do what. For example, did you know that DNA is a form of protein?


All the vitamins your body needs can be found on sites such as Medical News Today.

And there are many sites that will tell you which foods will most efficiently give you the essential nutrients. Most nutrient-dense foods are delicious and low-calorie.

An internet search for “super foods” will bring you to several sites that list nutrient-rich foods. Nutritionist Joy Bauer, for example, explains the health benefits of blueberries, pumpkin, dark chocolate, and other colorful, flavorful foods.

To make portions easy to figure out, sites like Real Simple tell you exactly how much you need of each nutrient.

In the same time it would take you to learn about the latest fad diet, you could do some internet searches to build meals and snacks for nutrient-dense eating.

You will be surprised at what you learn. Have you ever heard of selenium? That’s a trace mineral that your body needs to function properly, and low amounts of it have been linked to cancer. One easy and delicious way to get an adequate amount of selenium is to eat one Brazil nut per day.


When you eat everything you need to supply yourself with all necessary nutrients, there will not be much room in your stomach or many cravings left. Thus, harmful, fattening calories will naturally be cut out.

But when you approach your diet the traditional way, by forcing yourself to cut out calories, you are missing out on nutrients, and will therefore struggle with hunger and the negative physical and mental feelings of being unhealthy.

PBS reports that three-fourths of the United States’ population does not meet daily recommended dietary allowances. Yet the U.S. has one of the highest obesity problems in the world.

Americans are eating a lot of food, but not getting the right nutrients. And most of them don’t know it. Which is why so many of them struggle to lose weight and be healthy.

So spend a few minutes on your health, by doing some simple internet searches to see how much of each nutrient you need, and choose which delicious meals and snacks you are going to eat to feed your body those nutrients.

You are likely to find that you will not need, or want, to eat much more than the food you consume to deliver your nutrients.

This secret is no longer kept from you: to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, eat nutrients every day — the full amount of every nutrient your body needs — before you think about eating anything else.

Now that you have the right information, you simply have to decide to use it.