Ingrid Lyne: More Body Parts Discovered In Seattle

Seattle police say that sanitation workers found more body parts in a recycle bin on Saturday, which are suspected to be Ingrid Lyne’s, a nurse and a mother of three who was brutally murdered and dismembered last Friday.

NBC News reported that although the body parts have yet to be positively identified, investigators believe that they’ll turn out to be a match for Lyne, 40. The remains were found at 20th Avenue E. and E. Marion Street, less than two blocks away from where other remains, identified as Lyne’s, were found. Seattle Detective Mark Jamieson had the following to say about the latest discovery.

“We’re confident that it is connected to last week’s homicide investigation, which was only three blocks away from where we are standing now.”

Seattle Police officer Aaron Stoltz puts on a glove as he prepares to search a garbage can said to have human remains belonging to Ingrid Lyne. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

John Charlton, 37, is accused of killing Lyne, a Renton resident who he’d been dating for around a month after meeting her online. On April, Charlton and Lyne went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. They ended up back at Lyne’s suburban home, where police suspect the killing occurred. When Lyne didn’t answer her door the following day, authorities searched her house and found human tissue and fragments in her bathroom.

The next day, several body parts were found in a different recycling bin in the Seattle area. Charlton was arrested and charged with felony murder. He’s also charged with grand theft auto after investigators found Lyne’s car in Seattle. Charlton is accused of transporting Lyne’s body parts in her own vehicle and disposing of them.


King County, Washington, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg stated that the evidence against Charlton is strong, and he is now behind bars on a $2 million bond.

“We may never understand why she was killed, but the police and prosecutors working on this case have done a tremendous job of piecing together a solid case against the person we believe to be responsible for her death.”

Last week, Charlton told investigators that he and Lyne visited a bar where his sister works after watching the Mariners game, and that while there, he drank so much that he completely blacked out. He claimed he can’t remember doing any harm to Lyne, and can’t even remember how he got home that night. He admitted to having a drinking problem and told police that he was “not normal.”

Police stated that Charlton acted nonchalant while being questioned about Lyne, and even got annoyed with some of the questions. He told authorities he was concerned at how Lyne’s friends and family treated him via text messaging, which is why he didn’t call 911 himself. However, a history of the text messages exchange showed that Lyne’s mother, Jorga Bass, was pleading with Charlton to call her and provide any information that he could.

“Please John, did Ingrid say anything about someone coming to see her after you separated from her last night. We can’t find her or her car. As I said her phone and ID and purse are at her house but she and her car are gone without a trace. Any help would be appreciated. We are desperate. She would never just go off and leave her family.”

According to a former girlfriend, Charlton worked as a day laborer and lived at a Seattle homeless shelter. The ex-girlfriend admitted that Charlton occasionally stayed over at her house and stored some of his belonging there. She accused him of being a “mean drunk,” but said he was never violent with her. He has a past criminal history that includes assault, aggravated robbery, and felony theft.


Meanwhile, a GoFundMe account set up to help Ingrid Lyne’s three children has reached over $200,000 in the past four days.

[Photo via Ingrid Lyne Page/Facebook]