Tyga Fires Back At Critics Who Claim His Luxury Cars Were Repossessed: ‘Y’all Love To Watch My Pockets’ [Video]

Despite reports that he’s heavily in debt, rapper Tyga insists that he’s doing fine financially. Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Tyga owes nearly $400,000 on his 2013 Lamborghini Aventador, which he makes payments on. But Tyga took to Twitter to explain that not only does he not owe the enormous sum, but he actually sold the vehicle in question.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Choice Motor Credit has been trying to collect on the $357,350.77 Tyga owes them for the luxury car, and has repossessed the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador. The credit company has filed a lawsuit claiming Tyga owes them almost $450,000.


In court documents, the company claims that when he purchased the vehicle, Tyga agreed to pay Choice Motor Credit installments of $11,520.10 a month for the next seven years, according to Hollywood Take. But Tyga has failed to keep up on his payments, and the company now claims he owes them over $357,000 on the loan for that car.

That’s in addition to the $91,000 he still supposedly owes Choice Motor Credit for the 2014 Bentley Mulsanne that Choice Motor Credit claims it repossessed back in February. In court documents, the company claims that Tyga agreed to pay $5,966.95 a month for the car over the next 73 months, but also fell behind in those payments. That vehicle has reportedly since been sold, but the company claims it lost over $91,000, and is asking the court to have Tyga make up the loss.

According to TMZ, that’s not all. The G-Wagon that Tyga gave Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday has been in danger of being repossessed since February — but since the car is parked at Jenner’s mansion, the company can’t get it back. Tyga reportedly hasn’t made payments on the vehicle since last year, and according to documents obtained by TMZ, Kylie has been identified as Tyga’s girlfriend, and her home address is listed as a possible place to repossess the car. The vehicle previously belonged to Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

Tyga shot back at his critics, however, supposedly setting the story straight on what really happened. Over Twitter, Tyga explained that he “sold [his] lambo aventador& Bentley mulsanne over a year ago,” [sic], in direct contrast to the rumors that Choice Motor Credit repossessed the Bentley and sold it.


Further, Tyga claimed over Twitter that after selling the Lamborghini and Bentley, he replaced them with “a hurracan Rolls Royce and Ferrari nice try” [sic]. Tyga then took a final shot at his detractors, pointing out that “[y]’all love to watch my pockets.” Although it’s not clear whether the cars were really repossessed or if Tyga in fact sold them, it is clear that Tyga won’t take the negative rumors lying down.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has been accused of not paying his bills. Earlier this year, Tyga was accused of failing to pay rent on the $13,000-per-month mansion he had been living in. Last February, Tyga was sent an an unlawful detainer notice by his landlord for breaching the terms of his lease.


Previously, Tyga was ordered by a Los Angeles area court to pay $80,000 in back rent and interest to a different landlord. A few months later, he was ordered to pay $70,000 to a third landlord for failing to pay the rent on a separate home.

According to Hollywood Take, Tyga then tried to buy a $10 million home near Kylie Jenner’s Calabasas, California mansion, but he couldn’t come up with the funds, and was put in escrow three times.

What do you think? Does Tyga have financial issues? Have the Lamborghini and Bentley been repossessed, or did he sell them? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]