Mariah Carey Sexy Alter-Ego Bianca Returns, Will The Man Stealer Steal James Packer?

Mariah Carey can always find time for billionaire boyfriend James Packer. Mariah and James have been nearly inseparable since going public with their romance, and as an engaged couple, their coziness has only become more romantic.


People magazine reports that Mariah took some time out from preparing for the Milan stop on her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour, which has Carey fans delirious with anticipation.

Mariah used that precious time-out to welcome Packer for a visit. The two looked blissfully happy to be together again, though they’ve hardly been away from each other at all! The singer shared the news on Instagram with a photo of the two of them captioned, “Surprise visit!” followed by happy faces.

Mariah might have been especially happy to see James so that she could prepare him for the addition of a third persona in their relationship. Just a few hours before their rendezvous, Carey shared a pic to Instagram that sent her loyal fans over the moon with excitement.

According to Hollywood Life, Mariah has “unleashed her alter-ego Bianca again after 17 long years,” and James hasn’t met Bianca yet. Bianca and her “signature sultry look” haven’t been part of Mariah’s life since 1999. That’s about to change. “Ladies and gentlemen, Bianca,” Mariah captioned the first photo.

Long black hair, “cleavage-boosting” skin tight black body suit and stiletto boots make the Bianca character “Mariah’s bad girl” other self that Lambs have been waiting and hoping to see again. Mariah’s Bianca is a “bad chick,” and James Packer had better be ready. Bianca returns!

Bianca first appeared in Mariah’s “Heartbreaker” video, and the “man stealer” doesn’t waste any time stealing away Mariah’s own man, played by Jerry O’Connell in the video. Some fans are having a hard time coming to terms with how long it’s been since Bianca showed up in that tight red skirt.


The new Bianca is “amazing,” and shows off Mariah’s incredibly fit and youthful body. Bianca is a “little sleeker” in the 2016 version, which incorporated red pleather and an unbuttoned cardigan with nothing under it.

Mariah makes the new Bianca super sexy, and super bad girl, with the all-black sleekness. All that pre-wedding weight loss and toning has really paid off.


Carey always looked amazing, but lately, she’s been “killing it.” Looks like being engaged to Packer is good for the 45-year-old singer.


In Touch Weekly reports that Mariah and James are still head-over-heels and excited about televising their upcoming wedding on the E! reality show, Mariah’s World. Carey is going to make sure the wedding is “grand.”

“I’m most excited about the grandeur, darling. It’s not [going to] be a big wedding, but it’s going to be grand.”


Fans are wondering already if the new Bianca is going to follow in the footsteps of her 90s version and if Mariah will “kick Bianca’s butt again” if Bianca steal’s Mariah’s man this time around. If Bianca sticks around, we’ll have to hope that Packer doesn’t prefer the bad-girl persona to the real Mariah.


[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]