NFL Rumors: Leaked Picture Shows 2016 Color Rush Jersey Color Schemes For All Teams

The NFL is keeping tight wraps on this year’s Color Rush designs, but a new leaked picture claims to show what each team will be wearing for the new round of color-filled games.

The Color Rush idea was introduced last season, giving each team in primetime games solid-colored uniforms emphasizing one color from their team’s palate. It was met with mixed results, with some designs praised by fans and at least one leaving colorblind fans unable to follow the game.

Now a new NFL rumor claims to show all the Color Rush designs for 2016. The Twitter page for NFL Leaks, a site that has generally been accurate on its insider information, has released the template reportedly given to league employees just before the 2016 NFL schedule was announced.


Last year’s Color Rush games brought a major blunder for the league. November’s contest between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets featured the Bills in all-red jerseys and the Jets in all-green, making it unwatchable for the roughly 12 million color-blind Americans who weren’t able to tell the difference between the two teams.

The NFL would admit its mistake after the game.

“The Color Rush jerseys are a test for four games this season, the first of which was last night,” the league said in a statement (via CBS Sports). “We did test the jerseys this summer on field and on television. The standard television test did not account for color blindness for fans at home that became apparent last night. We will enhance our testing to include a color blindness analysis to better address this issue in the future.”

Oddly, the leaked NFL 2016 Color Rush jerseys seem to show the same problem this time around. The color scheme for the Week 2 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets shows the same colors this time around.

The league may be planning to better account for it this season, however. Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II said NFL officials worked closely with his team for the Thanksgiving Color Rush game against the Indianapolis Colts, giving the teams a chance to pick their color but also presenting a default option that appears to account for any color-blind missteps.

“We had our options. We had some presentations from Nike in terms of what the options were, and we decided our color-option was going to be black, and the default option is going to be white,” Rooney told the team website. “When you’re the road team, the home team gets to decide what it’s wearing. If for some reason the Colts would decide to wear white, we would wear black. We just felt black was more of our predominant color (than gold).”

There is already some other information leaking about the NFL’s 2016 Color Rush designs. A recent video posted on Twitter showing Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell may have revealed the team’s helmet and colors for its game.

At the end of the video, Bell could be seen signing a helmet with a dull black finish, black stripe down the middle, and a bright yellow facemask.


More information on the NFL’s Color Rush jersey colors can be seen here. Fans who want to find out if the NFL rumors regarding the jerseys are true will have a bit longer to wait, as they won’t be officially released for a while longer.

[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]