'LHHH' Milan Christopher And Sundy Carter Feud Ignites After Former 'BBWLA' Star Was Seen Holding Hands With Miles Brock

Shaunee Flowers

It looks like Miles Brock has moved on from his Love & Hip Hop Hollywood romance with Christopher Milan that turned sour months ago. Miles posted a picture of himself hand-in-hand with former BBWLA star Sundy Carter on Thursday that has reality TV fans wondering if Brock is switching back to the other team again. It didn't take his ex-boyfriend Milan long to repost the photo and make fun of Miles and Sundy, who quickly came to her friend's defense via Instagram.

Sundy and Miles both shared a photo on Instagram yesterday, and in it, they were holding hands and looking very serious. Immediately, rumors began to circulate that the Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 star was trying to get back on for the upcoming Season 3 by being seen out with Sundy Carter.

Well, we all know that Brock came out last season to his former girlfriend Amber Laura when things started getting serious with Christopher Milan. Miles and Milan suffered a very messy breakup soon after, when Miles was reportedly caught cheating. After their split, both men have been accused of creating drama in order to stay relevant enough for another season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

— SiirBrock (@SiirBrock) April 15, 2016

Christopher Milan saw the photo after he claims many fans tagged him, wanting to know if Miles and Sundy were an item. The Shade Room posted a screenshot of the exchange between Christopher and Sundy after he commented on the photo.

Milan hit first when he wrote, "There [sic] sisters... sisters hold each other's hands all the time." Brock's former boyfriend claimed that he had been tagged in the photo and that's why he saw them together and made a comment. It didn't take long for Sundy to strike back, though, reminding Milan Christopher that he was seen holding hands with Moniece Slaughter not long before. It does seem a bit hypocritical that he would be commenting on Miles Brock's Instagram photos when he's been pulling some obvious publicity stunts, as well.

Considering that the controversial LHHH breakup happened over a year ago, it's interesting that Milan still is making comments any time Miles is seen with someone out in public that he might be dating. Considering that Sundy Carter is married to someone else, it's way more plausible that she and Brock are creating hype for a new reality show involving both of them. And as one Instagram commenter pointed out, Sundy was spotted holding hands with another woman the same day, and she posted that on Instagram, too.

— ENSTARS (@EnStars) April 16, 2016

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