‘Outlander’ Season 2 Spoilers: Jamie’s Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up In Paris

Outlander Season 2 is in full swing, and a lot of new characters are on their way now that Claire and Jamie have made it to France.

According to TV Line, there will be many new characters to meet during Season 2 of Outlander, and one of the first will be Jamie’s former fling, Annalise de Marillac, played by French actress Margaux Chatelier.

As fans of the Outlander book series know, Jamie and Annalise were a bit of an item when Jamie used to live in France, before meeting Claire, of course.

While Jamie and Annalise will reunite in the second episode of Season 2, actress Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, tells fans that they shouldn’t be worried about Annalise putting a strain on Claire and Jamie’s marriage.

Outlander Season 2 SPoilers: Claire and Jamie's Marriage Will Change.
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“I think people sometimes like to pit women against each other. Initially, there may [be] some surprise or interest from Claire of this beautiful young woman who seems to know a lot about Jamie and seems to have a feeling that she has an innate understanding of him, [but Claire and Annalise] actually end up getting along quite well.”

So, fans now know that Annalise de Marillac won’t be an issue in Claire and Jamie’s relationship, but someone else likely will be. While Black Jack Randall’s fate hasn’t been seen yet by Outlander viewers, it is likely that the despicable British soldier is still very much alive, and ready to continue to toy with Jamie and Claire.

Viewers will likely never forget the events that transpired between Jamie and Black Jack Randall at the end of Season 1. Randall had Jamie in prison and used Claire as a bargaining chip to get what he wanted, and what he wanted was Jamie.

After promising to let Claire go without harm, Jamie made a deal with Randall that he would no longer resist his sexual advances against him. Viewers then witnessed very dark and emotional scenes where Black Jack raped and tortured Jamie for hours.

Outlander Season 2 Claire and Jamie. [Image via Starz]Thankfully, Jamie’s men were able to help him escape, but the damage was already done. Claire nursed Jamie back to health, setting his hand and tending to his wounds, but his heart and soul were not so easily healed. It’s obvious that a piece of Jamie was left back in that jail cell with Randall, and it’s unclear about whether he’ll ever get that piece of himself back.

Outlander fans can expect Jamie to continue to struggle with the memory of what happened to him, and it will likely show during his intimate moments with his wife. Although Claire and their unborn baby are more than enough reason for Jamie to get up in the morning, he now has a new mission ahead of him.

In this week’s all new episode, Jamie will meet with Prince Charles, one of the biggest players in the Jacobite movement. Jamie and Claire will begin to infiltrate the Jacobite group, and make their way into the social scene. They’ll do all of this hoping to stop the Jacobite rebellion, as Claire knows all too well what will happen if they don’t, which is the end of the Highlander culture.

Meanwhile, Outlander fans will also be getting glimpses into Claire’s life with her first husband, Frank, now that she’s returned to her own time in the 20th century. Claire’s pregnancy will likely play out and viewers will see the baby she’ll raise with Frank, a baby she only wanted to raise with Jamie.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 2 spoilers? Do you like the direction the show is heading?

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