‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Completely Devastated By Season 6 Finale Death

The Walking Dead fans are still freaking out about the Season 6 finale, in which a beloved character is beaten to death by Negan. However, the cast members of the show are just as devastated as the viewers.

According to the International Business Times, fans of The Walking Dead aren’t the only ones heartbroken about losing a beloved character, the cast is completely torn up about losing one of their own.

Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Green on the show, is claiming that the cast still doesn’t know who Negan killed during The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, but that everyone was upset on set filming the scenes, and that the mood was like that of a funeral.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who did Negan kill?
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“It was effectively a giant funeral for one of our loved ones, and we just don’t know who that is. There was a lot of hugging and embracing … during the filming those two nights. You can imagine … We’re pretty broken up about the whole thing.”

Cohan also dished on the negative fan reaction to The Walking Dead not revealing Negan’s victim in the finale, and making viewers wait until Season 7 rolls around in October before the victim’s identity is finally made known.

“I think the reaction is almost in keeping with the emotional peaks and troughs that the show takes us through. I’m really glad that the show is coming back with information. It’s not like people are being left hanging and it’s the end of the series or anything.

“We’ll definitely be having a big resolution when we come back, right off the bat, so that should be of some relief to people. But I know how painful the cliffhanger is.”

While Lauren Cohan and other members of the cast claim to not know who Negan killed on The Walking Dead, one cast member says he knows exactly what happens. Norman Reedus, who plays fan favorite character, Daryl Dixon, says he’s been told what’s in store for Season 7 and that it is “gut-wrenching.”

Could this mean that Daryl is the one to die? Why else would Norman Reedus be given the information about who Negan’s victim is, but not any of the other cast members? Fans have been speculating about who was killed in the Season 6 finale ever since it aired, but Daryl’s name, along with the characters of Glenn, Abraham, and Michonne, has been among the top fan predictions.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Did Negan kill Daryl? [Image via AMC]While Walking Dead fans will have to wait until Season 7 begins airing in October to officially find out who Negan killed in the cliffhanger finale, one thing is for certain, and that is it will be a huge loss to the show. Creator Robert Kirkman has already revealed that the victim is a “beloved” character, so it seems safe to say that Daryl would be a good choice.

Another good prediction would be Glenn, who is Maggie’s husband, and father of her unborn baby. In the comic book, it is Glenn who is killed by Negan and his creepy barbed wire-wrapped bat, Lucille, which could mean the character will suffer the same fate on the TV series.

Abraham is another great choice, as he had a very emotional episode with girlfriend Sasha, and best friend Eugene during the finale. Some fans believe that because his comic book death was given to Dr. Denise during Season 6, that his character was then left open to die at the hands of Negan in the finale.

Michonne is the other big name being thrown around, and now that she’s in a relationship with Rick, it would certainly make for a shocking storyline to kill off the popular character.

Who do you think will take the Walking Dead death harder, the viewers or the cast members?

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