Chumlee Arrest Update: Did Corey Harrison Know About Chumlee's Drug Involvement?

Chumlee arrest update: Corey Harrison posted a message on Instagram on March 10 about his friend Chumlee's arrest. It was one day after the police raided the home of the goofy Pawn Stars favorite. As you can see, the message has generated more than 1,800 likes, so far.

According to Hollywood Life, Corey Harrison and Austin Russell, a.k.a. Chumlee have been friends since childhood. In fact, the two even played in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop together, long before the Harrison family became a household name.

When Chumlee turned 21, he got a job working in the shop and has been employed there ever since. This may explain Austin's love of video games pinball machines and circus-related memorabilia.

A recent write-up in the Morning Ledger reminds readers of all of the illegal items found (during the raid) in Russell's master bedroom. This includes 12 guns, one of which being a loaded.45-caliber handgun located in the drawer of Chum's nightstand. Police also seized marijuana, 17 multi-dose Xanax bars, and seven capsules containing meth.

When questioned about additional drug-related paraphernalia, such as digital scales and small plastic bags found in his home, Chumlee adamantly claimed he was not a drug dealer. He stated he preferred to buy those items in bulk, as a matter of "convenience."

If all 19 of the drug charges stick, Chumlee faces up to 80 years in prison. That number could go up, however, if he's also charged with sexual assault. Should Russell do prison time, no one knows if his long-time friend Corey Harrison will stay in touch. Honestly, only time will tell.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Chumlee, along with his family and friends, have basically faded into the woodwork since this incident occurred. The last time the Pawn Stars favorite posted on Twitter was March 7. He told fans part of his shoe collection would soon be going up for sale on eBay. It makes you wonder if he had a premonition in regard to his need of extra cash for future legal fees, doesn't it?

While Corey is still quite active on Twitter and Instagram, there's been no mention of his friend Austin Russell. At the beginning of all of this, Rick Harrison, Corey's dad, simply said he and his family would be there to help.

There's always the chance that Chumlee is innocent, at least when it comes to the charges of sexual assault. It's definitely possible Corey knew what he was talking about when he referenced the fact there is always three sides to every story. The truth, no doubt, will come out in court.

With the wrap-up of Season 12 of Pawn Stars, die-hard fans are beginning to wonder what's in store for Cory Harrison, Chumlee, and the rest of the employees of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. At this point, everyone's fate seems to be hanging in the balance. There are even rumors circulating which suggest the popular History Channel show will be canceled.

Do you think Cory Harrison knows more than he's willing to admit? Do you think he'll be required to testify in court in regard to what he does or doesn't know about Chumlee's history with drugs and possible sexual deviancy? Feel free to sound off below and remember to check back with The Inquisitr for future updates.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]