Lose Weight in Just 4 weeks With 5 Simple Steps To Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

It’s that time of year, and everyone is starting to worry about how they may look in a swimming suit. People all over the country are scrambling to find a quick and efficient way to shed the winter bloat. Today has reported five simple steps to lose weight, and according to the report, anyone can implement them and lose the extra pounds for good.


Remove Temptations

The first step to losing weight is determining your weight loss barriers and making a plan to overcome them. For example, if your weakness is chocolate or chips, make a plan to remove those items from your home before embarking on your weight loss journey. The fact is a barrier can derail even the most perfectly laid out weight loss plan in a weak moment.


One of the best ways to determine how much you are eating is to write everything you eat and drink, and note how hungry you were at the time. There are a few very effective applications that can assist you in logging your food, but many nutritionists recommend you pick up a pencil and paper and write it down. As for the hunger levels, Today recommends you use a five point system, which allows you to rate the level from feeling starved to stuffed.


Think Before Eating

Before eating something, think about it beforehand. Make sure the food item is the best choice for you. Mindful eating basically means to select the best selection of food that you have at the time and to barter and switch out unhealthy choices for better options.

Move More

In the United States, many people do not get enough exercise. Excuses aside, ultimately, the lack of activity results in a slow weight gain that often spans over several decades. Moving more can be a subtle change that make a big impact on your life. For example, instead of finding a parking space that is close to the grocery store, pick one that is further away, or even walk to the store. Small changes can result in a lifestyle change. While 10,000 steps per day is the ultimate goal, it is perfectly okay to start slowly. Add 1,000 steps per week to your goal until you reach 10,000 or more. It’s not a race. Look at it as a lifestyle change. Eventually, aim to implement the three forms of physical activity: cardio, weight training, and flexibility or yoga.


Fresh Foods

It is vital that you try to consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can throughout the day. Select different colors of fruit to make sure you eat a balanced diet. If fresh fruit is not in your budget, experts explain that frozen fruit has the same nutrients as fresh fruit and is often cheaper. Another useful tip is to avoid eating dried fruits because your body needs the water in the fruit for digestion.

Woman’s Day notes it is also very important that you share your journey with someone so you can have some accountability. Your weight loss partner could be someone in your daily life, an online friend, or even a message board as long as you receive the support that helps keep you on track. Come back later for more weight loss tips, news, and updates.

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