WWE Rumors: Main Event Talent Reportedly Sent Home From WWE European Tour Due To Injury

WWE is currently on a tour of Europe, and they hadn't been there but a couple of days before some more bad news came their way. Bray Wyatt suffered a calf injury of some kind during a match with Roman Reigns, and it was apparently bad enough for them to reveal it to the world. Word has now come about that Wyatt has been sent home from the European tour, as he needs to receive further evaluation and treatment, which isn't a good sign.

On Wednesday night, Bray Wyatt was in a match with Roman Reigns in Milan, and things were going quite fine. Wyatt was forcing Reigns back into a corner when he pulled up lame and immediately fell to the mat while holding his right leg.

He tried to stand back up and continue the match, but it was obvious that he was simply in too much pain and something was truly wrong.

wwe rumors bray wyatt main event talent sent home european tour injury
[Image via WWE]Trainers were in the ring and checking out Wyatt before helping him backstage and the show going on with run-ins from Sheamus, The Usos, and the Dudley Boyz. Still, there was far greater concern for Bray Wyatt and how serious the injury to his right calf may be.

Rumor has it that Wyatt has now been sent home from WWE's European tour which was set to last another week. According to The Wrestling Observer, Wyatt just couldn't participate in matches of any kind and he needed further testing and evaluation so WWE sent him back to their doctors in the United States.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Wyatt was apparently going to see if he could rest a couple of days and then continue and join the tour again. He was kept out of shows on both Thursday and Friday, but things didn't improve and everyone realized that it may not be a simple tweak of his right calf.

While there has been no further word from WWE on Wyatt, the rumor is that he is no longer with the traveling group in Europe. On WWE's Live Events page, he is still listed as appearing at tonight's event in Birmingham, England, but that listing is always "subject to change."

A number of big-time stars are still out, and two (Sting and Daniel Bryan) ended up having to retire due to their injuries. Adding Bray Wyatt to the list would be only another huge blow for WWE that they really don't need.

  • John Cena – Still out
  • Rusev
  • Jey Uso
  • Randy Orton – Still out
  • Luke Harper - Still out
  • Tyson Kidd - still out
  • Seth Rollins – Still out
  • Nikki Bella - Still out
  • Daniel Bryan – Retired
  • Cesaro
  • Sting – Retired
  • Sami Zayn
  • Big Show
  • Brie Bella
  • Hideo Itami – Still out in NXT
wwe rumors bray wyatt main event talent sent home european tour injury roman reigns
[Image via WWE]Even though Roman Reigns is scheduled to face AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Payback in early May, the promotion has been building toward more.

That's actually what makes this injury to Bray Wyatt even worse because he has started a program with Roman Reigns, and it appeared as if something big was coming. Wyatt was finally showing an interest in the WWE Title storyline-wise, and now this could put a huge damper on things.

Making things even worse is that WWE had set the wheels in motion last week for a face turn of The Wyatt Family. As Forbes pointed out, this now could be costly for Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman who would be kind of lost without Bray Wyatt leading them along the way.

An injury to Bray Wyatt that keeps him out any extended length of time is not good for him, WWE, or anyone else involved. WWE simply doesn't need another main event star out due to injury, but it's even worse for him. Wyatt is in the middle of a big push that has him in the thick of the World Title chase and an injury would put an immediate stop to that and hurt The Wyatt Family as well.

[Image via WWE]