Metallica’s Record Store Day Concert Streams Live Tonight

Metallica is streaming their Record Store Day concert live tonight to fans across the world.

Founded in 2007, the annual Record Store Day celebration is held each year on the third Saturday in April. The annual event was created to celebrate the gradually fading concept of independently owned record stores, something that Metallica has stood by since its inception.

The event isn’t a one city or even a one state event. Instead, Record Store Day is celebrated across the world in literally thousands of independently owned record stores. Often, many different acts and bands will press a limited number of special releases that are only available at the record stores that are participating in the event. Exclusive records available at this year’s Record Store Day will not only be by Metallica but also David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Madonna, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, and the Doors.

Record Store Day [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS]Each year, an artist or act is named as an ambassador of Record Store Day, (last year it was Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters). Metallica are this year’s ambassadors, and they will be releasing remastered editions of their first two albums, Kill ’em All, and Ride the Lightning, in a boxed set.

Additionally, Metallica will be taking their ambassadorship of Record Store Day one step further by performing a concert this evening (April 16). The Metallica concert will be held at Rasputin’s Record Store in Berkeley, California. Since Metallica understands that Record Store Day is a worldwide phenomenon, they’re not only performing at Rasputin’s but will also be live streaming the event to fans everywhere.

Metallica owes a lot to independently owned record stores. Recently, Metallica frontman James Hetfield told Rolling Stone about the phenomenon of those record stores.

“Metallica has been lifelong supporters of record stores and indie retail, because… well, because we grew up with it and on one would play our stuff, so that’s where would meet friends, meet fans, hang out at the record stores and get to find out what cool new music is out there.”

In the same interview, Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s drummer, threw in his two cents regarding the band’s history with record stores.

“Independent record stores are part of Metallica’s DNA. They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we’ve all become.”

Metallica has been pushing re-releases of their albums on vinyl for quite a while now through their website. The resurgence of an interest in vinyl records has been slowly creeping into the minds of music fans for at least the last decade. Interest and arguments over what the best needles offer and how much one should really spend on a quality tube amp are hot topics not only online but also in line between customers at independently owned record shops.

Record Store Day [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS]In addition to the pressings of its first two albums, Metallica will also debut a special release tomorrow, called Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Metallica! – Live at Le Bataclan, Paris, France – June 11th, 2003. Metallica played the now-infamous Paris club in 2003, and the show was recorded professionally as all Metallica shows have been since the early nineties. Metallica has stated on their website that all proceeds from the sale of this nine-track live album will be donated to the victims of last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris. The special Metallica release will only be available from independent record stores worldwide or from Metallica’s website.

2016 is expected to be a busy year for Metallica. In August, the band will be the first major act to play the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and fans are expecting Metallica’s first full-length album since 2008’s Death Magnetic” around the same time.

To see the live stream of tonight’s Record Store Day Metallica concert, tune into Metallica’s official Facebook page starting at 4 p.m. PT.

[Feature Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS]