Firefighters Shot In The Line Of Duty, Suspect Arrested [Updated]

Two firefighters were shot while on duty Friday night, April 15. Right now, the firefighters are in critical condition. A third person was wounded after also being shot.

According to WUSA-9 News, the two firefighters were responding to a call in the 5000 block of Sharon Road in Temple Hills, Maryland. It was the suspect’s neighbor who called while concerned about the gun-wielding man’s well-being. The source mentions that the firefighter-shooting suspect is thought to have mental issues. At first, this was only supposed to be a welfare check up.

[Update – 1:09 am]

Prince George’s Fire Department’s Chief Marc Bashoor recently took to Twitter with news about one of the shot firefighters. He mentioned, “With profound sadness, I announce the line of duty death of Firefighter/Paramedic John Ulmschneider, [w]ho sustained gunshot wounds on EMS call.”

WTOP News reports that Ulmschneider was a 13-year veteran of the fire department. The firefighter was 39 years of age at the time of death.

Since the news released, several people have expressed their sincerest condolences toward the firefighter’s family, as well as the department.

Likewise, the fire chief also mentioned that Morningside Volunteer Fire Department firefighter Kevin Swain was better. In a tweet, he stated, “Firefighter Kevin Swain, also shot on same incident, in stable condition, shock trauma.”

Since then, the chief hasn’t made any further comments.

[Original Story]

When the firefighters and the neighbor went to check on the suspect, he didn’t answer. Of course, he wasn’t a “suspect” at the time. However, once the firefighters broke through the door in a forced entry, the man began shooting at the firefighters. Likewise, the third man who was shot was, allegedly, the neighbor who called the firefighters. He was hit during the suspect’s round of bullets. The report specifically says he was shot in the shoulder. However, his condition is not known at this time, but his injuries are minor. The source notes as follows.

“One firefighter is being treated at Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore and the others being treated at Southern Maryland Hospital Center. The civilian was shot in the shoulder and was not seriously injured.”

Prince George’s police chief, Henry Stawinski, mentioned that the suspect is in custody. According to NBC-Washington, the police chief stated that the only gunfire was shot from the home resident — in this case, the suspect.

He mentioned that it was directed at public safety personnel. In accordance, the chief mentioned, “after Public Safety got into the residence, the situation immediately became calm and no police officers fired any weapons.”

The police chief also stated that the confrontation ended after the suspect realized that those entering his house were public safety officials.

According to WUSA-9 News, the suspect willingly turned himself into authorities, ending the confrontation. There were no additional suspects, as reports the source.

Via Twitter, several public safety agencies also gave their condolences to the two firefighters on duty.

Arlington Fire stated they were staying prayerful about the situation. Accordingly, Branchville Volunteer Fire Department mentioned the same.

Also, Alexandria Police tweeted their condolences.

This story is still developing, and the Inquisitr will report more on the two firefighters as more information becomes available.

Yet, all in all, what are your feelings about the two firefighters being shot? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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