Leslie Van Houten Approved For Parole After Part In Charles Manson’s Family

In shocking news today, Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten could be getting out of prison after all this time. Us Magazine shared that Leslie has now been tentatively approved for parole effective today. She has actually been turned down 19 times in the past. Most people know her as the one who wrote the messages on the wall at the murder scene of married couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca back in 1969.

At this time, Leslie Van Houten has been recommended for parole. There is nothing official yet, though, and it will all have to be approved. She was only 19 when she joined Charles Manson and his followers. While in prison, Leslie Van Houten has shared that she is sorry for what she did and has also been a model prisoner. Van Houten has worked on editing the newspaper for the prison and even did counseling for other inmates.


Leslie was at the LaBianca murders, but she was not at the scene of the Sharon Tate murder. She actually stabbed Rosemary LaBianca 14 times and was on drugs at the time of the murder. Eighteen psychiatrists checked her out, and all of them said that Leslie is fine to be paroled. Her lawyer, Richard Pfeiffer, spoke out about his thoughts on her possible parole.

“The opposition to parole has always been the name Manson. A lot of people who oppose parole don’t know anything about Leslie’s conduct. Her role was bad. Everyone’s was. But they don’t know what she’s done since then and all of the good she’s done.”

At this time, Charles Manson is still in prison and nobody that was involved in these murders has been released. If Leslie Van Houten is able to get out, it will be pretty surprising, but at this time, it is looking good for her.


ABC News shared a few more details on what Leslie Van Houten’s role was in the 1969 killings and how the parole will work. At this time, it is not guaranteed that Leslie Van Houten will get out. Actually, her case has to go to administrative review, and if it’s upheld, it goes to California Gov. Jerry Brown, who has final say about if Leslie will get out of jail or not.

Leslie Van Houten actually came from an amazing upbringing where she sang in the church choir and was the homecoming queen at her school. At 14, her parents got a divorce, which Leslie said was hard on her, and then she got pregnant not long after that time. Van Houten spoke to ABC News in 1994 about her part in the murders. Here is some of what she had to share.

“The minute we walked in the [LaBiancas’] house, it became clear that this was not what I had imagined. You know, before that, it had always been an abstract kind of thing. And when it was the real thing, I was absolutely torn in half. [They] took Mrs. LaBianca into the bedroom. And the sounds of Mr. LaBianca dying came into the bedroom — horrible, guttural sounds. She started calling out to him and yelling for him. And at that moment, for a brief moment, I realized, you know, these are people that love each other.”

It all started with Leslie holding the pillow over Rosemary’s face while someone else stabbed her. She then said that Tex had her take over because Charlie wanted everyone to get their hands dirty at this murder. This has been hard on her since then and Leslie does regret what she did.

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