Tyga Storms Out Of Interview When Asked About Kylie, Teen’s Bestie Investigated For Sexual Assault

Tyga, rapper and perhaps better known as Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, seems to be getting a little bit irate over the constant questions that are fired his way concerning his and Kylie’s relationship. The rapper demonstrated just how fired up he’s getting about the incessant line of questioning revolving around the subject of his relationship when he was being interviewed down under.

Tyga has been in Australia while on his Rawest Alive Tour, and took the time to sit down for an interview with the Courier Mail for the purpose of discussing his music. As Seventeen shares, when the interviewer decided to veer off topic to get the dirt on his and Kylie’s relationship, Tyga was not at all happy and actually stormed out on the members of the publication while uttering “End of interview.”

It is understandable as to why the rapper would become annoyed that media members are always focusing more on his relationship with the reality star and entrepreneur than on his career as a rapper and actor. However, it is difficult to deny that Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest names in entertainment at the moment, and her popularity just keeps surging in part thanks to her entrepreneurial endeavors as well as to her on point social media game. Much like her older sis, Kim Kardashian, Kylie knows how to get people’s attention and gain the spotlight. Unfortunately for Tyga, this means losing a bit of his own spotlight.

In true form, Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip reporter, calls the scenario as it is.

“The most interesting thing about Tyga is without a doubt his relationship with the most famous 18-year-old in the world … but don’t tell him that!We doubt the reporter could even name two songs you sing — you should have just appreciated the fact that they pretended long enough to ask how the tour was going in the first place! LOLz!”

Another close relationship that Kylie has is with her new stylist, Ian Connor. The two have been spotted partying all over Los Angeles together in the past year and Connor has quickly rocketed to the top of Jenner’s bff list. Connor, a star on social media, and fashion inspiration to hubby of Kylie’s older sister Kim, Kanye West, is reportedly under investigation for an altercation between he and a woman from Georgia.

The event that have been reported and is now being investigated is not recent. Radar Online relays the details of the accusations made against Kylie’s close pal.

“According to an incident report provided to Radar by the DeKalb County Police Department, a 22-year-old female claimed Connor attacked her in a Decatur home on the morning of October 5, 2014, The fashion darling allegedly used his hands and fists to force the alleged victim, who called herself his ‘friend,’ into submission, cops noted. The woman did not report any physical injuries, and did not claim drugs or alcohol were a factor in the alleged assault.”

Although the apparent incident between the young woman and Jenner’s stylist transpired back in 2014, the accuser did not come forward until December, 2015. Cops on the case have confirmed that Connor is still under investigation. Radar shares the words of the police spokesperson Stephen R. Fore.

“I can confirm it is still an open investigation. We cannot say if there will be any charges filed.”

Kylie’s party buddy, Ian Connor immediately took to his social media accounts to vehemently deny any and all allegations made against him, adding that this is karma’s way of getting him back.

“Swear This Is My Karma For Finessing Every B$#ch I Came Across Just To Mentally Prove A Point. Lmao The Universe Is Paying Me Back.”

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]