Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Receives Horrible Review From Jeffree Star — Would The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Star Even Use Her Own Product?

When Kylie Jenner initially released her highly anticipated lip kit, the makeup product sold out online in minutes. It wasn’t long after that fans who purchased Kylie’s new liquid lipstick started to complain. Now, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is facing criticism for her allegedly faulty product, again, after makeup artist Jeffree Star blasted Kylie on Twitter for releasing the Kylie Lip Kit when she should have spent more time making sure that it wouldn’t let customers down.

Jeffree Star has a huge problem with the first release of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit. Star’s criticism has nothing to do with the color of the liquid lipstick or even the quality of the lipstick itself. Instead, he and many others who were quick to order their new makeup, and who were excited to finally receive it, opened their packages only to discover that the product was unwearable. In many photos posted to social media, Jenner’s customers pulled out the wand to apply their new lipstick only to find that it was already disfigured and broken.

It seems that Kylie knows that her new lipstick product is faulty and even briefly promised during a Snapchat session that she plans to correct the issue with the applicator wands in future releases of the product. That doesn’t sit well with Jeffree, though, and he wants to know if customers who hurried to buy the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s new makeup product before others had a chance to review it would be refunded or given a product that wasn’t defective. So far, Kylie has not commented on what, if anything, she plans to do for her unhappy fans who purchased the Kylie Lip Kit when it first became available.

In his Twitter rant, Jeffree Star wrote, “So I got the new @kyliecosmetics lip glosses…. SO disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable.” The social media star, who also has a cosmetics line, followed that complaint up by saying, “No shade but… How the f*** can a multimillion dollar celebrity, think this is acceptable?? Was there no quality control?” Yes, Jeffree, that was shade but given the multiple pictures from the many consumers who jumped on the Kylie Lip Kit bandwagon, it’s safe to say that Jenner’s harsh criticism is earned.

Within minutes of Jeffree Star’s criticism of the Kylie Lip Kit, other upset customers began posting pictures of the faulty applicators that came with their lipstick products, too. It turns out that the quality of the first round of Kylie Jenner’s product was awful. Hundreds of complaints have poured in just in Star’s timeline alone. There’s no telling how many other unhappy customers are out there, wishing they hadn’t worked so hard to purchase one of Kylie’s extremely popular cosmetic items that tend to sell out within minutes.

One Kylie Lip Kit purchaser got frustrated after not receiving help for the faulty applicator issue from customer service. Instead, she figured out how to fix the brush herself and was even so kind as to make a YouTube tutorial to show how the applicator brush can be corrected. For those who have received faulty applicator brushes in their Kylie Lip Kit, check out this video as a possible fix for the brush.

Jeffree isn’t the only celebrity who has blasted Jenner for releasing a product with questionable quality. It’s no secret that Kylie has long been feuding with Blac Chyna, and now she’s hawking her own version of a lip kit. Blac’s new lip kit, which happens to also include a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss with an applicator wand, is glaringly similar to Kylie’s. Rob Kardashian posted a video to promote Blac Chyna’s copycat product and in it, she applies the colors to the back of her hand just like Kylie Jenner. The Hollywood Gossip even reported that Blac’s color palette is very similar to Kylie’s Lip Kit colors as well. Hopefully, she won’t have the same issues with the faulty applicators as her arch rival.

So far, Kylie Jenner hasn’t addressed any plans to make things right with the first wave of customers who purchased her Kylie Lip Kit. Jeffree Star called her out for planning to get the applicator right with the next release, but should that let the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star off the hook for sending out a subpar first round? Tell us if you received a brand new Kylie Lip Kit with a faulty applicator and if you think that Jenner should do something about it in the comments section below.

[Photo by Frazier Harrison/Getty Images]