Olivia Caridi Reveals She Felt Suicidal After ‘The Bachelor’

Olivia Caridi of The Bachelor is speaking out about how hard this show was on her. While the show was airing, Olivia had to deal with a lot of crazy stuff considering that she was considered the villain on the show. A lot of people hated on her, but now Olivia is speaking out about how hard things were on her when she left the show. Olivia actually opened up to Page Six about her thoughts and how things were for her after the show was done filming.


When Olivia Caridi went on the show, she was just sure that she would win it all. Then she went on a date with Ben Higgins where he left her behind on an island, sending her home. Olivia shared that the messages she got on social networks were really bad. She received messages every single day, where people told her that she should die and that nobody would even miss her if she did. Olivia shared that while the show was airing it was really hard on her. Olivia actually moved back into her parents’ home. Here is what she revealed about growing up.

“I was badly bullied as a child because I was overweight. It felt like I was in middle school again. I thought many times what it would be like if I wasn’t alive.'”

Things were so bad for Olivia Caridi after the show that she considered suicide. The show realized that things were not good for her and actually offered a therapist. There have been three people from the show who have committed suicide since it started and Olivia could have been the next one. Luckily, Olivia Caridi was able to move on and get past all of the things that happened to her on the show. Lex McAllister and Gia Allemand were both on the show and later committed suicide. Julien Hug, who was on The Bachelorette, also later committed suicide. There is no proof that the show is the reason behind their deaths.


Olivia Caridi doesn’t regret the show though and she just moved to New York to work on her career in television. Olivia is totally done with reality TV, but Olivia was a news reporter before going on the show and still wants to be on television once again.

As Deadline shared, this is all coming out right after UnReal co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro revealed that her time working on The Bachelor as a producer led to a nervous breakdown. She was a producer on the show for nine years, and now she has created a show that is all about how things are behind the scenes on The Bachelor. Her show UnReal is a scripted show, but it is based on her time on the series and airs on Lifetime.

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro shared what she came out there to do and things didn’t work out as planned. Here is what she revealed.

“I was a feminist and came out to L.A. with dreams of feminist filmmaking dancing in my head…I was going to make really important stuff and change.”

Sarah actually had a nervous breakdown and went to her boss saying she was going to kill herself. She had to find a way out of the contract and get off of the show. This could be the only reason that Sarah Gertrude Shapiro was able to survive and move on to help create the show UnReal.

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