S.O.S. Ministries Paid $20,000 For Jill Dillard’s El Salvador ‘Hospitality’ Home, Request More Money For Unfunded Projects

Although Jill and Derick Dillard have requested donations from Duggar fans for their Dillard Family Ministries, the couple have been working heavily with the S.O.S. Ministries, a separate non-profit entity. In fact, it appears that S.O.S. Ministries funded Jill and Derick’s $20,000 El Salvador home, not Dillard Family Ministries. S.O.S. Ministries recently sent a plea to supporters to give more money to the group so that they could finish a series of “hope center” projects that currently remain unfunded. However, in the same email, the group proudly touted the “hospitality home” completion, which cost the group $20,000.

An an email from S.O.S. Ministries, the group outlined a series of “immediate funding needs.” The group outlined that four of the seven projects the group undertook last May have been completed but that three other projects still urgently need funding for completion.

“A number of you have asked where SOS currently stands on the 7 projects we brought to you in May of last year. Praise the Lord, 4 of the 7 projects are complete! Through you, the Lord has been gracious in providing for a number of the projects, and now some of them are finished. Below, we are excited to bring you the update on all 7 projects, which ones are completed, as well as which ones are still in need of funding.”

SOS Ministries Email
S.O.S. Ministries sent an email outlining "urgent funding needs" for the organization including an unfinished "hope center" in El Salvador. (Image via S.O.S. Ministries email)

Included in the three remaining projects is a “hope center” in El Salvador. The center is described by the organization as a place for locals to meet in fellowship to play sports for evangelism, have bible studies, provide vocational training for grant members and to give children in the area a place of refuge.

“SOS intends to provide a meeting place with a sports complex for evangelism, Bible studies, vocational training for those coming out of the gangs, and a place of refuge for children to learn about Christ.”

Hope Center in El Salvador
S.O.S. Ministries says they still need $18,000 to finish their El Salvador "hope center." (Image via S.O.S. Ministries email)

The “hope center” has been featured on Jill Dillard’s Instagram account, with the couple playing sports and spending time with locals. However, it seems that the priority for the organization was first to build Jill and Derick Dillard a home in Central America before completing the hope center. The $20,000 “hospitality home” where the Duggar daughter lives with her husband and son Israel. The project was outlined by S.O.S. as a home for “long term missionaries” to “show hospitality” and provide the missionaries the ability to evangelize in the region.

With S.O.S. Ministries covering the cost of the Dillard family home in El Salvador, it raises questions once again as to where funds for Dillard Family Ministries are going. The Dillards note that they are seeking to evangelize in the region but have not given any clear details on where funds for Dillard Family Ministries are going. Instead, the Dillards seem to be working strictly on S.O.S. Ministry projects helping host missionaries for S.O.S. as well as leading groups to evangelize the area.

Although the Dillards have been working with S.O.S. Ministries, they have revealed one project that Dillard Family Ministries appears to have funded on their own: English classes for the children of Jill’s Spanish teacher. The Dillards recently allowed Ignacio and Jose Pablo, Jill’s Spanish teacher’s sons, to write a blog post thanking Dillard fans for funding their English classes. The boys say the classes are fun and they are learning a lot.

“I love to learn English and the classes are really fun. I am really gracious for the English classes and I hope to learn more every day. Learning English here will help me a lot in the future. Thank you so much.”

The Dillards first revealed their plans to use the Dillard Family Ministries to pay for the boys’ lessons back on December 30, 2015. While many praised the Dillards for their efforts to provide educational advances for the children, others questioned why Jill’s Spanish teacher couldn’t teach her sons English if she was already tutoring English-speaking Jill Dillard on how to speak Spanish.

What do you think about S.O.S. Ministries funding Jill and Derick Dillard’s home in El Salvador before finishing up the “hope center”? Do you think Jill and Derick Dillard will ever reveal to donors where the Dillard Family Ministries funds are going? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Instagram]