‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 News: Maggie and Negan Together?

The Walking Dead has had some surreal moments come down the pipeline on Season 6. But in Season 7, there is going to be a whole new game changer and the emotional intensity is going to boil over. That means good guys become bad guys, bad guys die or run away, and there are many more moments to be featured in 16 tiny episodes.

While speaking with The Huffington Post about The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, actress Lauren Cohan gave fans a few insights that are worth noting.

First of all, there were several people who were taken into sound booths, individually, to record ambient sounds that were featured while Negan was bashing the brains in on some poor victim on The Walking Dead. There really was no way of knowing what everyone was supposed to say in that booth, but there were little Easter eggs in the sounds that were coming out of the ambient noise as the episode faded to black.

They were mostly too hard to make out, but a lot of fans that have studied the footage have claimed that the word “Mag” or “Maggie” was made out. But not in a way that Glenn would have been seeing her die, but rather like he was watching her while he died. But since the camera angle was from the victim’s point of view, then we know for a fact that he/she who was dying was looking at Negan as he/she died.

So, that may debunk the theory that supposedly proves it was Glenn dying in the video.

“Here’s a good piece of intel,” Lauren Cohan told Huff Post. “We shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don’t know.”

She was also asked by Huff Post about her role in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice where she was married to a character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actors played the parents of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

“This was before he was cast as Negan because we shot the film almost two years ago,” Cohan said about Morgan being cast on The Walking Dead.

But there was also that symbolic metaphor that has been looming over the ironic casting situation that really punctuates what has happened since The Walking Dead finale, leaving fans to wonder if Glenn died. Then, would she be forced to take up with Negan on a romantic level just to survive?

“No, and we knew it would be crazy, too,” Cohan said. “Because once he was cast, he came out to set and we were just laughing because the context of which we worked together last time and then the context of this just couldn’t be more different.”

But back to that finale scene on The Walking Dead Season 6. It has also been reported that when they were filming the episode, they broke up the filming schedule for that scene in two different parts. There were the parts were the Core actors were lined up on the their knees, awaiting the execution. Then, they filmed the part with Negan swinging the bat. But when Negan swung that bat on The Walking Dead finale, none of the other actors were on set at the time, presumably so the spoilers would not get leaked.

That also means that the Core actors on The Walking Dead will have to film the scene all over again for Season 7 in order for fans to see what really happened after the lights went out.

“It’s still an unresolved thing,” Cohan said about The Walking Dead Season 7. “I mean, obviously our showrunners know what’s going to happen, but I think they like to make it easier for us to not have to.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere this October on AMC. The exact premiere date has not been announced yet.

[Image via AMC]