John Charlton: Man Accused Of Killing Seattle Mom Ingrid Lyne Allegedly Told Police He’s ‘Not Normal’ As Grisly Details Of Her Murder Emerge

John Charlton allegedly told police he’s “not a normal person” while being questioned in the grisly death of Seattle mom Ingrid Lyne, a woman he is accused of murdering and dismembering.

Police arrested Charlton this week for the murder of Lyne, who disappeared after the couple’s date to a Seattle Mariners game. Police found body parts stuffed in plastic bags and dumped into recycling containers on Saturday just hours after the game. On Monday, they were identified as belonging to Lyne.

Prosecutors filed formal murder charges against John Charlton this week, and now new grisly details are emerging about both Lyne’s murder and Charlton’s violent past.

A report from the Seattle Times noted that Charlton spoke briefly with detectives after his arrest, telling them he was homeless and had a drinking problem. Charlton also told them he was “not a normal person” before asking for an attorney.

Charlton said he met the 40-year-old Lyne online, and the two had been dating for about a month. The two attended the Mariners’ home opener on Friday before going to a bar, where Charlton said he became intoxicated and then went back with Lyne to her home in nearby Renton Highlands.

While looking for Lyne later that weekend, police would make a grisly discovery in her home. In her bathtub they found spatters of blood and bits of flesh, and nearby was a 15-inch pruning saw.

Charlton would tell police that he was too drunk to know exactly what had happened and claimed he woke up on the street after passing out.

Other reports suggest more disturbing behavior from John Charlton in the hours after Ingrid Lyne’s murder. After learning that she had gone on a date with Charlton the night before, some family members of Lyne tracked down Charlton’s phone number and tried to contact him to see if he knew about her disappearance.

As the Daily Beast reported, Lyne’s mother texted John Charlton asking for information, and at first he acted helpful but froze up when she mentioned going to the police.

“John Charlton played the part of concerned boyfriend during an exchange with Jorga Bass—until she mentioned the law.

“‘A police officer needs to speak to you as you may be the last person who saw her,’ she texted Charlton, according to a Seattle Police statement of probable cause report filed in a Seattle-area court Tuesday.

“Charlton never replied.”

Police have not been able to shed light on a possible motive for Lyne’s murder.

“We may never understand why she was killed,” Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said (via People Magazine) in announcing the first-degree murder charge against Charlton. “[T]he police and prosecutors working on this case have done a tremendous job of piecing together a solid case against the person we believe to be responsible for her death.”


John Charlton has a history of violence. He has a number of felony convictions across half a dozen states, including a 2009 incident in Montana in which he came across a woman sitting in the back seat of a parked van with her infant. Charlton forced them out of the car and then stole it, but he was caught a short time later by police. He pleaded guilty to a count of attempted aggravated robbery and served 21 months in prison.


John Charlton remains in jail in Seattle for the murder of Ingrid Lyne, with his bail set at $2 million. He has also been charged with stealing Lyne’s car.

[Image via Montana Department of Corrections]