'Batman V Superman' Still Generating Major Cash At The Worldwide Box Office For Warner Bros

Colin Fredericson

Batman v Superman is the movie that refuses to yield. Batman v Superman has now earned over $800 million at the box office. Despite massive criticism and even panic from Warner Bros., the movie can be considered a financial success. The movie didn't dominate the box office week after week but managed to maintain a healthy state of ticket sales.

For some reason, that isn't assurance enough for a major studio. Warner Bros. put a lot of expectations on Batman v Superman, wanting to see the movie dominate all challengers and reign at the box office week after week. Instead, Batman v Superman got defeated by Melissa McCarthy and The Boss.

Even though review ratings for The Boss look worse than those for Batman v Superman, the movie still managed to knock Batman v Superman from the top of the box office in a single bound. But at the worldwide box office, where Zootopia reigns, Batman v Superman maintains second place there, too. The $800 million in earnings continue to grow, and the movie has only been out for three weeks. DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming movie sales could double or triple that. Warner Bros. still hasn't announced when home versions will be available. They are most likely putting the finishing touches on the longer home releases.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' was originally four hours long https://t.co/nma4tOLuZU pic.twitter.com/ahPb4one8A

— NME (@NME) April 15, 2016

If you look at Marvel, early movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe did much worse financially than Batman v Superman. Batman v Superman is even making a lot more money than those earlier Marvel movies like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. Only Avengers has made more than Batman v Superman when looking at earlier Marvel movies. Avengers was the sixth movie by Marvel. Batman v Superman is only the second movie in DC's new Justice League related universe. So the financial trajectory for DC movies is actually looking more favorable than it was for Marvel at the beginning.

Forbes explains why people look at Batman v Superman as a disappointment despite its obvious success.

"But because Walt Disney's The Avengers had arguably raised the bar so high, the newfangled DCEU movies, which unofficially began with Man of Steel, never had a chance of impressing the masses with merely 'really good' box office grosses. Man of Steel earned $291 million domestic and $668 [million] worldwide in the summer of 2013, more than the eventual $642 [million] global gross of Thor: The Dark World."

— Superhero Feed (@SuperheroFeed) April 14, 2016

It seems DC just hasn't found its footing in the new superhero landscape but will do well simply because superhero movies are so popular. Forbes further explained how well DC is doing despite the mixed feedback from the first two films.

"And now Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being viewed as a disappointment because it will only make $850-$900 million worldwide. Now, you can make the case that Warner Bros. brought this on themselves by basically going all-in first with their would-be Justice League before doing the legwork of the smaller films. But, we should acknowledge that Man of Steel was that 'smaller film' and that, with the understanding that Superman has never been as big of a cinematic superstar as we all like to pretend he is, that $668 [million] worldwide gross was a pretty solid foundation."

As the Independent reports, the home version of Batman v Superman is expected to be even longer than the two-and-a-half-hour theatrical version. At one point, the movie was going to be four hours. Maybe when movie lovers and critics get a chance to see more uncut, original material, they'll give this movie a fairer assessment. In any case, Batman v Superman stars some of the toughest superheroes on earth. Having faced some the world's baddest villains, what do a few sour critics amount to?

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