Does Karen Huger’s ‘RHOP’ Reunion Behavior Prove She’s Not The Grand Dame?

Karen Huger is gearing up for another episode of the dramatic Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, which will start airing on Bravo this upcoming week. The show has just been renewed for a second season, and it sounds like all of the ladies are ready to return for a second season. But Karen may need to take a look at how she acts if she wants to win the respect of viewers, especially since the title of the Grand Dame came on the table during the reunion special.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Karen Huger will go all in during the upcoming reunion special, which will be the last episode of this first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. In this episode, Huger will bring up the discussions of Ashley Darby’s sex life, as she openly revealed that they use the pull-out method to avoid pregnancy. Karen didn’t like talking about it, and she will let her thoughts be known on the reunion special.

It’s no secret that Karen Huger has made some comments about Ashley’s sex life. The comment did receive some backlash, as Huger assumed that they could have a baby. She tries to backtrack a little during the reunion, but Ashley isn’t having any of it.

“That is so crass and so inappropriate. Here you are, the Grand Dame of Potomac with a mouth like that?” Darby questioned, directing her comment at Huger.

But rather than take responsibility for the comment, Karen decided to slam Michael, Ashley’s husband.

“I’m not married to Michael — you are!” Huger reveals, adding, “You have to make excuses for Michael — I don’t. You excuse his bad behavior all the time. That’s delusional!… And go get your meds adjusted, honey.”

It is very interesting that Huger wants to be seen as a classy and glamorous woman, and yet she’s making such rude comments about her co-star. Even if Ashley had brought up her sex life, a classy move would have been to ignore the comments if she had an opinion. Karen should just have kept her mouth shut. In addition, Huger seems to be very judgmental about the way Ashley acts, and yet, she has no problem filming the show with her breasts hanging out. Karen does appear to be a big contradiction.

Plus, Huger did call her co-star a “stray,” something that Ashley noticed. It just seems like Huger wants things her way or nothing at all.

“Karen calling me a stray was as blatant as a drag queen’s contour. There’s absolutely no way that can be misconstrued, and as a woman who ‘owns her s***’ she should’ve kept it 100. I’m not sure what pound Karen hangs around, but this b***h has a big bite,” Darby reveals about Karen on her blog for Bravo.

“Jealousy manifests itself in many ways, and is rampant among groups of successful and/or attractive women. The ladies of Potomac are no exception. I’m not perfect by any means and have made my share of mistakes, but I have been blessed with the ability to follow my life’s plan. When people see the close relationship I have with my mom; the loving bond I have with my husband; the ambition I have to pursue my dreams; and the eternal love I have for life, insecurity can start to rear its ugly head. No matter what, I can’t consume myself with that – all I can do is worry about moi,” Ashley continues.

What do you think of Karen Huger? Do you think her comments make her more credible or less? Do you see her as the Grand Dame of Potomac?

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