Johnny Manziel Rumors: With His NFL Career Hanging In The Balance, Manziel And Friends Allegedly Trash Party House In Los Angeles, Causing $30,000 In Damage

Johnny Manziel is rumored to be slipping out of the NFL due to his out-of-control partying, and now a new report suggests that despite an ultimatum from his agent, Manziel and a group of friends trashed a house in Los Angeles at another destructive party.

Manziel and friends are accused of causing more than $30,000 worth of damage at a home they had rented in West Hollywood for a two-day party this week. A report from the New York Post claims that Manziel and friends threw two all-night parties, one that led neighbors, including comedian Kathy Griffin, to call the cops.

The alleged incident came after the 23-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner was publicly called out by agent Drew Rosenhaus, who said Manziel has five days to check himself into treatment or else he will be fired as a client. Manziel was already cut by his last agent, SSG’s Erik Burkhardt, who dumped Manziel after the quarterback’s alleged domestic violence incident late last year.

Rosenhaus has taken his concern with Manziel public, telling CNBC that he believes Manziel is in deep trouble.

“I’m gravely concerned about this young man,” he said. “I am not going to stand by and watch him ruin it all.”

Rosenhaus, who said he has never had to fire a client, said he believes Johnny Manziel can still be a successful quarterback in the NFL but desperately needs to get his life in order first.

“I see a 23-year-old young man who needs to get control of his life, which is more important than football,” he said.


The incident this week could be the tipping point. The New York Post report claimed that Manziel and his friends trashed the Los Angeles home, leaving it strewn with booze and drugs while causing various damage, from a smashed glass table to a broken bathroom door.

Real estate lawyer Nicholas Goodwin, who rented the home to Manziel, claimed that found the former Cleveland Browns quarterback passed out on a sofa at 2 p.m., two hours after he was supposed to have checked out.

“Mr. Manziel threw large parties on both nights, causing extensive damage,” Goodwin’s lawyer, Niki Ghazian, wrote in a letter to Manziel’s representatives. “Evidence suggests [Manziel] and his guests were consuming drugs and alcohol. . . and that they caused a disturbance to the neighborhood,” which led to the LAPD being called on April 6.”

“There was cocaine all over the kitchen table, and mushrooms were still out on the table in front of him. There was booze everywhere. . . broken glasses over the floor and a Champagne glass in a tree,” the letter continued, adding, “If they don’t respond to our demand for compensation, we will sue.”


That may not be all the trouble for Manziel. A separate report claimed that he was a passenger in a car involved in a hit-and-run crash, although not all details are clear on the incident.

Johnny Manziel has been under scrutiny since his days at Texas A&M, getting into trouble in a series of off-the-field incidents. Many questioned his maturity and ability to transition to the NFL, and Manziel struggled in his first season with the Cleveland Browns amid rumors that he spent more time partying than learning the team’s playbook. Manziel looked lost in his few opportunities on the field, failing to gain the starting job many believed he would win.

That offseason, Manziel spent several months in rehab but returned to the same problems. The Cleveland Browns reportedly issued an ultimatum that he cut out the partying, but Manziel still got into trouble off the field, including allegations that he assaulted his then-girlfriend. He was cut by the Browns this offseason, and no teams have expressed interest in him as a free agent.

Johnny Manziel has not responded to the report that he and his friends trashed the Los Angeles home.

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