Paul Ryan’s ‘Insane’ Workout Routine: Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Loves His P90X

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan‘s “insane” workout routine would make fitness guru Tony Horton proud, considering that Ryan reportedly pioneered Horton’s P90X workout routine in the House of Representatives gym.

Ryan’s voting history and stance on political issues is plastered all over the news after Mitt Romney announced his Vice Presidential running mate on Saturday, and now his workout routine is too, reports The Los Angeles Times.

With Romney and Barack Obama already touting their workout routines, and even First Lady Michelle Obama championing her Let’s Move program, which combats childhood obesity, it’s no surprise that the GOP VP hopeful also works out.

Ryan even spoke with CNN’s Candy Crowley once about his tough decision to pursue politics instead of professional skiing. When Crowley asked if he ever regretted the decision, Ryan stated, “sometimes.”

Paul Ryan’s crazy workout of choice now is Tony Horton’s P90X, which he describes as a blend of cross-training and muscle confusion. The workout routine includes cardio, pull-ups, push-ups, karate, and yoga. He and Bart Stupak even led a P90X workout on Capitol Hill that involved about 12 other House members.

Ryan stated in the interview that:

“It pushes your body in many different ways so that it gets out of its plateau. It has results. It works.”

Washington Post writer Dana Milbank has a less optimistic view about Mitt Romney’s running mate, saying that:

“His plan to scrap Medicare and slash most other government functions in favor of more tax cuts for the rich should be a ball and chain for Mitt Romney. Neither is he solid politically: He gives Romney neither the geographic heft of a Rob Portman nor the demographic value of a Marco Rubio.”

But when it comes to being a health role model, Milbank says that Paul Ryan has it right. Ryan, a former fitness guru himself, has the opportunity, if the presumed GOP ticket is elected, to be a good role model to Americans when it comes to working out. Milbank writes:

“It can only do us good as a nation to have as a role model such a fine physical specimen in high office. Hopefully, Ryan will inspire more Americans to get healthy. That’s important, because if Ryan succeeds in ending Medicare, they won’t be able to afford getting sick.”

What do you think of Paul Ryan’s insane workout routine?