Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Give Fans A First Look At ‘Passengers’ At CinemaCon

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are set to join forces in the upcoming film Passengers. While the details about the romantic sci-fi flick have been kept under wraps, producers recently shared a first look at the coming film. It would appear fans are in for a surprise when the movie opens later this year.

According to Collider, producers released the new footage of Passengers during CinemaCon. While the video has not been officially released, fans reported that Pratt and Lawrence killed it in the chemistry department.

In addition to the clip, Pratt and Lawrence were on hand to discuss their newest project together. According to Vanity Fair, Passengers centers on the story of two individuals who journey through space in order to write about their experiences. During the course of their travels, the two characters find themselves attracted to each other even though they are polar opposites.

Jennifer Lawrence Dating 'Master Of None' Creator Aziz Ansari? What About Her Romance With 'Captain America' Chris Evans? [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty] Jennifer Lawrence [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]Jennifer Lawrence plays the female lead in the movie and described her character as an ambitious writer who wants to do something nobody has ever done before.

“My character is a writer in New York and she wants to be one of the first people to make the 120-year journey to another planet and come back and write about it,” Lawrence shared. “She’s very ambitious.”

As far as Pratt is concerned, his character is a little more down to earth. In fact, Pratt’s character is a practical man whose main talents have grown obsolete on Earth. In order to remedy his situation, Pratt agrees to travel through space with the hope of finding a new purpose in life.

“Jim is a mechanic and he is the type of guy who fixes things,” Pratt explained. “He uses his hands. But in the world we live in, when something breaks, you don’t fix something, you buy a new one. So he’s become obsolete and wants to travel to a distant planet, to a new world and distant future, hoping he’ll be useful.”

Chris Pratt [Image via Universal Studios] Chris Pratt [Image via Universal Studios]Of course, along with their main mission, Pratt and Lawrence quickly find romance in their long journey together. However, the two have to first overcome the fact that they are nothing alike, which proves a little harder than expected.

“She’s glamorous, she’s from New York, she’s an intellect. I play a mechanic and am traveling on the cheapest ticket possible, which means I can pretty much eat oatmeal and live in a small cabin whereas she has fancy food and eggs Benedict and a beautiful cabin,” Pratt revealed. “So there is a bit of a [cultural] gap… but as our characters rely on each other, they grow very close.”

Tom Rothman, the chairman of Sony Pictures, went on to promise fans that Pratt and Lawrence, as expected, have great chemistry together. Considering their past work and success in Hollywood, it is not all that surprising that Lawrence and Pratt would get along well together on the big screen.

Near the end of their intro for the clip, both Pratt and Lawrence admitted that they were proud of their work together and left fans with a hint at what happens in the film.

“Basically, what you’re going to see is that things really go off the rails when there is a malfunction on the ship and hibernation pods in which we are asleep, malfunction,” Pratt explained.

“But just for us!” Lawrence chimed in.

Luckily, Pratt and Lawrence’s characters find a way to work out their predicament in space. Naturally, the two also find love as they fight for their own survival.

Fans can watch Lawrence and Pratt in action when Passengers opens in theaters on December 21.

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