Marvel Cinematic Universe: Chris Evans Discusses Almost Not Being 'Captain America,' 'Daredevil' Charlie Cox Discusses Netflix Universe, And Kevin Feige Explains Marvel's Role In 'Spider-Man' Reboot

Marvel's Cinematic Universe is well under way with Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and the Captain America franchises that are solidified at this point, though many more are starting to drop. Captain America, led by Chris Evans, was the first hero to kick-off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Comicbook, Chris Evans was almost not Captain America.

Evans explained that he initially told Marvel he would not take on the role of Captain America out of fear.

"Yeah yeah, I was scared, because at first it was a matter, at first it was some 9 picture contract, and there are parts of me that have a little bit of social anxiety with this industry and doing movies one at a time, if all the sudden you decide you don't want to do them anymore, you're afforded the opportunity to take a step back and recalibrate. When you have a giant contract, if all the sudden you're not responding well, too bad, you've got to suit up again, and that was scary."
Captain America could have gone to Channing Tatum. For anyone leery about Magic Mike playing the card-throwing Cajun Gambit, he can also appreciate that Evans overcame his fear.

Chris Evans, in his modesty, admitted that his hesitation was also not wanting to fail audiences with is portrayal of Captain America, but he did end up pushing himself to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe role.

"I was saying no out of fear, really, and you can't do anything out of fear. You can't be doing something because you're scared, so it ended up kind of clicking to me in the way of looking at it and saying whatever you're scared of, push yourself into it."
Charlie Cox as Daredevil
[Image via Daredevil Season 2 trailer | Courtesy Of Marvel Entertainment |Cropped, Resized]Marvel shifted gears away from their cinematic universe for a little, and brought Daredevil to Netflix, among others over time. Marvel's Cinematic Universe, unlike DC Comics', is connected to Marvel's Television Universe, though they have yet to connect the dots. Daredevil actor Charlie Cox confirms that it isn't poised to happen anytime soon, at least for Netflix.
"There was no conversation about joining any of the movies. Who wouldn't want to be in the highest grossing film of all time?"
Speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man has one of the rockiest histories in Marvel TV and film history. From the successful Sam Raimi films to the box office bomb Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, plus the various animated TV shows of varying quality, Spider-Man can't seem to keep consistent quality. Marvel and Spider-Man's issue go back to their lack of creative control and rights to the characters.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
[Image Via CC BY-SA 2.0| Courtesy Of Gage Skidmore| Cropped, Resized]Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, with the reboot and the Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man appearance coming soon, explains just how much involvement Marvel has this time over their Spider-Man cinematic universe.
"We're working very much [together]. It is a— I don't know exactly what the credits will be, but it is a Sony Pictures production of a Marvel Studios film. The agreement was that it is very much a Sony Pictures movie. Amy Pascal is co-producing it with us and [Sony Chairman] Tom Rothman is leading the charge for Sony and that we are the creative producers. We are the ones hiring the actor, introducing him in this film, and then working right now on the script and soon to be shooting the actual Spidey film."
Marvel Studios' head is just a tad cryptic, but it does sound like they have more involvement than in past, so it will be interesting to see how Spider-Man turns out with this reboot and the new direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. it also might cause trouble for the comic book publisher when they bring their Netflix and standard TV universes into the mix, but that is not in the immediate future.

When do you think the Marvel Netflix Universe will merge with Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Will the new Spider-Man be better, equal to, or worse with this new arrangement?

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[Image via Captain America: Civil War trailer| Courtesy Of Marvel Entertainment |Cropped, Resized]